We love Christmas!  My boys still get excited about decorating and since having 4 boys, I have started some Christmas traditions that my boys love.  Some even involve their favorite toys: LEGO!

Christmas Traditions My Boys love

I know every family is unique and different and each has a different way of celebrating the holiday season.  For us, some of our traditions have changed with the interests of my boys and some have been traditions going back to when my husband and I were young.  Here are some of the traditions that my boys love and that we try and do every year.

Christmas Traditions My Boys Love

  1. LEGO Christmas Village:  This is a new traditions we started last year.  Naturally my boys love building with LEGO and last year Santa brought us our first LEGO Christmas set to be added to each year.  We can’t wait to see which set he brings us this year! Eventually we hope to have an entire LEGO village that we enjoy building together as a family.
    LEGO Christmas Village
  2. Fun Christmas Breakfasts: It’s no secret how much we love creating fun breakfasts together as a family.  This year’s creations include Snowman Pancakes and Christmas Tree Pancakes.
    Holiday Pancakes
  3. Christmas Lights: We live in a really small area but there are a lot of great places within an hour of here to see the Christmas lights.  Every year we drive to see a life-sized Nativity and the beautiful lights on the temple grounds where it sits.

    Christmas lights

  4. LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Card: We discovered the LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Cards last year and had so much fun creating our first card as a family and the boys loved creating themselves in LEGO form.
    LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Card
    This year they have included even more great features with a variety of backgrounds, facial expressions, hairstyles and wardrobe styles.  My boys really let their personalities show!  You can even add in the family dog or cat and send the card to your family and friends.  You can make your own card here:LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Cards
    LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Card
    Look how much we’ve changed since last year. 🙂LEGO Minifigure Holiday Family Card
  5. Christmas Eve Nativity
    keep Christ in Christmas
    One of my favorite traditions is getting together with family on Christmas Eve and acting out the Nativity story.  We have a shortage of girls in our family so we typically have a lot of shepherds and wise men.  This is always a fun and memorable Christmas tradition and I love to focus on the Christmas Nativity story before turning our focus to Santa.
  6. LEGO Advent Calendars: My boys have loved getting the LEGO Advent calendars.  Every day for the month of December they get to open a fun little door and have a small LEGO item to build.  They take turns each day and the little items are so much fun. They add them on to our Christmas Village.
    LEGO Advent


So these are some of our traditions, both old and new, that my boys love.  What are your favorite Christmas traditions with your children?  Share in the comments below.

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