We love our annual family Easter egg hunt.  I love getting together with family and my boys love that Grandma spoils them rotten with prizes for the eggs that they find.  Every year we are left with buckets full of plastic eggs. Most of them will go back into the closet to be stored for next year, but sometimes we like to have a little fun and make things like Alien Easter Eggs.

Alien Easter Eggs craft
Alien Easter Eggs

I love making simple crafts with my boys, but I’ll be honest, they don’t always have the patience to do crafts with me. Can anyone relate?  So it takes a fun and simple craft that can be done in minutes to keep their attention.  These Alien Easter Eggs are the perfect Easter craft to do with boys.  They are silly and kids can use their creativity to come up with their own unique aliens. 

Supplies needed to Make Alien Easter Eggs

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Easter Egg Aliens

Materials Needed: 

How to make Alien Easter Eggs

These cute Alien Easter Eggs can be made all sorts of ways!

Bend the fuzzy sticks to make arms or legs, glue or tape them to the back side of the eggs. Let dry. It might take awhile if using craft glue. (You can use a hot glue gun for this step but please don’t let a child use a hot glue gun.  Have I told you lately about my hot glue gun scars? I’m surprised I have fingerprints left!)

Alien Easter Eggs

Decide which silly, funny way you want to place the eyes of the aliens.  Since they are self-adhesive googly eyes, your kids can place them whereever they want to.

Easter craft for kids

Cut shapes from the craft foam to make mouths and other embellishments for your aliens and stick them on.

Alien Easter EGgs

You can use any other craft supplies that you have to let kids get creative with their aliens.  Add feathers, gems, ribbon, etc and see who can make the most creative alien!

Alien Easter Eggs

You can make these Alien Easter eggs for Easter or just for fun!

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