Halloween is such a fun time. My boys have always loved dressing up. Now that they are getting bigger, they also like to help with their costumes. They’ve been looking for some awesome Halloween costumes boys think are cool, and here are a few that they found.

Awesome Halloween Costumes for Boys

I’ll be honest, I think it is hard to find anything unique for boys to dress up as for Halloween, but my boys don’t seem to care.  They love superheroes, anything Star Wars related and anything scary.  We looked for what they would consider “Awesome” Halloween costumes for boys and this is what they came up with. 

Awesome Halloween Costumes Boys Will Love

  1. Does he want to build a Death Star take over the Universe? He’ll love this Darth Vader costume!
  2. If your boy loves superheroes, he can be classically cool as Super Man!
  3. Don’t let him lose his head! Keep him cool with this awesome Headless costume!
  4. Keep him on the go with Pikachu! Gotta catch the coolest costume for your boy!
  5. Even my teenager said he’d dress up if he got to be a Sumo Wrestler. lol!
  6. Hello undead! His Zombie costume will knock ‘em dead!
  7. If he’s feeling turtle-y, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles should do the trick!
  8. Featured in video games and movies, Legos have been high on the cool meter!
  9. He may be pale, but Dracula is the ultimate timeless cool! Blah, bluh-blah!
  10. This T-Rex inflatable costume made me lol!  I can see my boys having a great time with this costume!


Keeping up with what your boys are into can be kind of tricky, but looking for awesome Halloween costumes boys will love doesn’t have to be. He’ll be telling his friends all about his cool parents when he has the best costume in the neighborhood this year! Get him one of these creepy, cool and unique costumes today!coolest halloween costumes

What kind of cool costumes are your kids asking for this Halloween? Share your awesome Halloween costumes boys will love in the comments!

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