This past week while some people were making plans for Super Bowl parties, we were having much more fun hosting a  Disney Imagicademy party to share Disney’s new app Mickey’s Magical Math World with our friends.

Disney Imagicademy

Parties can’t be complete without party food and when throwing a Disney party all about Mickey and friends, the food must be shaped like Mickey Mouse.  We had our table all set up and waited for guests to arrive.

Disney Imagicademy Party Food

Our snacks included a fun Mickey Mouse veggie tray,

Mickey Mouse Snack Tray

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes,

Disney Imagicademy Math

Mickey Mouse Juice Boxes,

Mickey Mouse Juice Boxes

and a Mickey Mouse Crispy Treat to save for later.

Mickey Mouse Crispy Treat

Our guests loved the food and were even more excited for our evening of fun activities.

Mickey Mouse cupcakes

Disney Imagicademy

After the food, we moved onto the best part of the evening, which was trying out Mickey’s Magical Math World.  We used our Apple TV to project the app onto our television and each guest had a chance to play.

Disney Imagicademy Mickey's Magical Math World

As a parent I am always on the lookout for educational activities for my boys that they will actually enjoy.  When I saw that Disney was coming out with Disney Imagicademy apps I was really excited.  Not only because I love Disney, but Mickey’s Magical Math World, which is full of rockets, aliens, robots and adventure, seemed like the perfect app to get my youngest boys excited about learning math.


Mickey's Magical Math World

One of the things that I love best about Mickey’s Magical Math World,  is that it is adaptable to many different ages.  We had guests from ages 3-8 and they all loved it.  I love being able to sit with my 3-year-old and teach him numbers and shapes and my 6-year-old gets to practice his math skills from school all while building rocket ships and rescuing aliens.

While each child took turns trying out Mickey’s Magical Math World, we had plenty of other activities to keep our guest busy thanks to Disney Imagicademy.

Disney Imagicademy

The younger kids colored puzzles and drew pictures.

Coloring Disney Puzzles

And the older kids played, “Which Disney Character am I?” (click for free printable)

Disney Imagicademy app

Each guest had a sticker placed on their backs that contained the name of a Disney character and they had to ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are. It was fun to see if the kids knew some of the older Disney characters and remembered the names of the newer ones.

Guess the Disney Character

Overall, we had a magical evening and while the kids played, the parents had a chance to discuss the things we liked about Mickey’s Math World.  As I mentioned above, we loved that there are adventures for many different age groups and that the different.  For example, Goofy’s Silly Sorting allows younger kids the chance to match up and learn their shapes, while Donald’s Number Launcher teaches kids skip counting and addition and subtraction.  And we loved that the activities required problem solving and thinking quickly to keep the kids excited and on their toes.


Disney Imagicademy

Disney Imagicademy has also come out with a new app just for parents.  Disney Imagicademy Parents is a  free app that provides parents with articles and Imagicademy-inspired activities designed to inspire kids to use their creativity and encourage imaginative learning.  It also allows parents to see their child’s progress and activities in Mickey’s Magical Math World as well as the creations they make in Mickey’s Magical Arts World (Available now  in the Apple App store ), in which children can design characters, tell stories and even learn music.

We had a magical time at our Disney Imagicademy party!  What is your favorite Disney-Inspired game?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.