“Mom, I’m hungry!!!”  With four boys in my house, I hear that constantly!  It gets hard to come up with different options for what to feed my growing boys.  Lunchtime is especially hard.  I don’t want my kids to live on chicken nuggets and they get tired of sandwiches.  How fun are these 25 Easy Lunch Ideas kids will love!  These give me a lot of ideas for how I can add variety to my boys’ lunches everyday.

Easy Lunch Ideas Kids Will Love

25 Easy Lunch Ideas Kids Will Love

As a busy mom myself, I completely understand how hard it is to add variety to lunchtime. I don’t always have time for creating fun food for my kids, but occasionally I like to switch things up and surprise my boys with something fun. As a family, we love creating fun food ideas in the kitchen, and these easy lunch ideas would be fun to send with my kiddos to school.

Super Hero Lunch

1. Super Hero Lunch | This super hero lunch is such a fun way to help your little one feel brave as they go throughout their day.
2. Hawaiian Tortilla Roll-ups | If your kids love Hawaiian pizza, they will love these roll-ups!
3. Disney Frozen School Lunch | If your kids love Frozen, they will love this school lunch.
4. Chicken Taco Bento Box | This chicken taco box is a great alternative to plain sandwiches.
5. Jelly Sushi | Sometimes just making the sandwich look different is enough to make kids love it!
6. Pizza Sandwich | Pizza + sandwich = Yum!
7. Lunch Box Pizza | Like Lunchables but so much healthier.
8. Pasta Salad Lunch | I love this kid-friendly pasta salad lunch.
9. Mini Hawaiian Subs |I want these mini Hawaiian subs in my lunch!
10. Chicken Salad Wraps | My kids love chicken salad and these wraps look delicious.
11. Dinosaur Bento Lunch | Themed lunches like this dinosaur lunch are always a hit.
12. Crackers, Meat and Cheese Lunch | Pretty much every kid would love this lunch.
13. Ham and Cheese Pinwheels | Let your kids help make these pinwheels and they will gobble them up.
14. Dog and Cat Pizza Bagels | These are adorable! Anything related to pizza is sure to be a hit with the kids for lunch.
15. Chicken Taco Roll-Ups | Even my teenager would love these chicken taco roll-ups.
16. Tuna Canoes | If your kids love celery, they will love these tuna canoes.
17. Chicken Vegetable Rice Crunch Wrap | This crunch wrap is a great way to mix things up at lunchtime.
18. PB Apple Chicken Salad Wraps | I love the mix of peanut butter and apples in this salad wrap.
19. Star Wars Bento | Calling all Star Wars fans!  This is the perfect lunch for a Jedi in training.
20. Lunch Box Quesadillas with Dipping Sauce | Quesadillas are always a hit with my boys.
21. Snail Themed Lunch | How fun and EASY is this snail themed lunch!
22. Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups | Another yummy variation to a ham and cheese sandwich.
23. Healthy Rainbow Sandwiches | These rainbow sandwiches are a fun way to get your kids to eat their veggies!
24. Lunch Box Tacos | I can’t wait to send my boys to school with these lunch box tacos.
25. Quick n’ Easy Turkey Wraps | This turkey wrap is perfect for days when you are rushed to make school lunch.

As we start another school year, these will definitely make my mornings easier.  No more boring turkey sandwiches (at least not EVERY day!).

What is your go-to lunch for your kids? 

easy lunch ideas kids

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