These Funny Photo Bookmarks have to be one of my most favorite crafts we have ever made.  We made these for our boys’ grandpa for Father’s Day and they were a huge hit.
Photo Bookmarks


Funny Photo Bookmarks

These Photo Bookmarks are easy to make!  With the right supplies, you can make these in a matter of minutes and they are a fun gift for a parent or grandparent.

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Supplies needed to make Funny Photo Bookmarks

You can make these bookmarks in a few different ways but here are the supplies we used:

To make, have your kids pose as though they are hanging on to something for dear life and snap a picture.  The sillier the face, the better. They can use one or two hands and it helps if they go up on their toes so it looks as though they really are hanging.  They should just have lots of fun with it and get creative.

Once you have taken the pictures, print them out on the photo paper or cardstock, cut them out as close to the body as possible and then laminate.

After you have laminated them,  cut them out again and use a hole punch to punch through their hands and loop a ribbon through.  You can use a tassle if you have them or if you want to make them.  I just used ribbon since I already had it.

 I’m pretty sure that this “baby bookmark”  is my favorite!  I can’t believe how much he has grown!


 I hope you loved these Funny Photo Bookmarks.  They definitely make me smile!

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