This has been a strange winter for us. We just moved to the state that claims to have “The Greatest Snow on Earth” and yet we have had barely any snow. So instead of making snowmen outside, we are making marshmallow snowman hot chocolate! This is the perfect way to warm up on a cold snowy (or not so snowy) day.

Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate

Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate

Everyday after school my boys come running through the door looking for something to snack on. On cold days, they go straight for the hot chocolate. We decided to mix things up a bit and add some marshmallow snowmen. My boys think it is so funny to watch them as they melt away to nothing.

How to Make Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate


Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate Ingredients


  1. Stick two toothpicks into the ends of one of the marshmallows. Then stick the other two marshmallows onto each end to make a snowman. Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate
  2. Break a thin pretzel stick in half and press the rough edged sides through each side of the center marshmallow for the snowman’s arms.
  3. Divide the candy corn by cutting the different color sections apart with a knife or scissors. Take the orange section and rub it through your fingers to shape it into a carrot for the snowman’s nose. 
  4. In the microwave, heat up a small plate for 1-2 minutes. Hold the mini chocolate chips by the point and press them on the hot plate for 1-2 seconds so the bottom gets slightly melted. Press them down the center of the snowman for his buttons.
  5. Melt a tablespoon of chocolate chips in a small bowl in the microwave. Spoon the melted chocolate into one corner of a small sandwich bag. Snip off a tiny edge of the bag and pipe on the snowman’s eyes and mouth.
  6. Prepare your favorite hot cocoa and gently lay the snowman on top, and enjoy!

Place the snowmen on the hot chocolate right before serving – they will start to melt slowly once they’re placed in the cup. That is my boys’ favorite part!

Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate

What is your favorite way to stay warm when it is cold outside? 

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