Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt

This Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt will add some excitement to your next family hike or camping trip. Nature Scavenger Hunt In my opinion, there are few things better than being high up in the mountains surrounded by nature and the beauties of the earth.  Since we live in Utah, we try to take advantage of the mountains as much as we can. A few years ago we traded the heat, dirt and tumbleweeds of NV for cool summer evenings, pine trees and quaking aspen.  So it is no surprise that they want to go hiking in the mountains as often as we can.  I put together a fun Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt for them to add some excitement to our hikes and camping trips. […]

Campfire Cinnamon Twists

Take a break from Smores and try these Campfire Cinnamon Twists for your next camping dessert. Campfire Cinnamon Twists There are few things that my boys love more than camping! They would live outside if it wasn’t for mosquitos.  And even if we aren’t able to head out on a camping trip, they will beg to build a fire.  One of my favorite things about camping is the food.  And if you are looking for a yummy camping dessert, these Campfire Cinnamon Twists are bound to be a huge hit! […]

Campfire Cones Recipe: Easy Camping Dessert

‘Tis the season for camping and fires. Of course, campfires go great all year round but there’s just something wonderful about gathering around a fire at the end of a long summer day and relaxing that takes the cake. Plus, it’s super fun to cook over a fire. This campfire cones recipe is super easy and delicious! You can make them out of just about any of your favorite sweet ingredients. Campfire Cones Recipe One of the best things about camping is cooking yummy treats over the campfire.  This campfire cones recipe is our family favorite and the best thing is, you can customize it however you want. […]

Fast, Easy Camping Meals

My boys would go camping every single weekend if they were able to.  They love being in the outdoors.  As fun as camping can be, it can also be a lot of work for mom! (Or the person planning the meals, packing everything, etc.)  While you are enjoying the great outdoors, you shouldn’t have to be stressing too much over food.  We are planning a long RV trip this summer, so I have been searching for fast, easy camping meals that my kids will actually love. Fast, Easy Camping Meals I’ve compiled all of the fast, easy camping meals I could find and shared them below.  Look through them and leave a comment with your favorite camping meal that I can add to the list! […]

15 Fun Camping Activities For Kids

Are you heading camping anytime soon?  Here are 15 Camping Activities and Games Your Kids Will Love. You can never have too many camping activities for the kids! Camping Activities for Kids Summertime is here and for many people that means it is time to get out of the heat and head to the mountains.  If you are heading out camping with kids in tow, make sure to have some of these camping activities on hand.   […]

Camping Games: Free Printable Camping Charades

If you have plans to go camping with kids, make sure you have some camping activities on hand.  Camping games are a fun and easy way to entertain kids if and when they need a little bit of entertainment.  My boys love charades and this printable camping game, Camping Charades, will have both kids and adults joining in on the fun.   Camping Games:Charades Summer break is right around the corner and I can hear teachers everywhere taking a collective sigh of relief.  But, that means it is now up to us moms to find fun and meaningful activities to keep the kids entertained as the temperatures begin to soar and the violent cases of boredom start to show up.  What better way to entertain kids than by escaping to the mountains for a camping trip. And when you go, don’t forget to take some camping games with you.  […]

Camping Pre-K Pack

It’s camping week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and I am loving this Camping Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon! Camping Pre-K Pack In these Camping Pre-K Packs you find approx 30 pages of Pre-K and K aged learning and fun!  In this Camping Pre-K Pack you will find Prewriting Practice Sheets, Cutting Practice, Pattern Sheets, Puzzles, Color the Campfire, Shadow Matching, Letter Identification and more!!  This is perfect to help get your littles ready to head to school!  You could even print these out and use them to entertain the kids on your way to your next camping trip.  So cute! […]

5 Tips for Camping with Kids

If you’ve ever been camping with kids you know that it takes a lot of planning to make things go smoothly.  Today’s Summer Survival for Moms of Boys post is 5 Tips for Camping with Kids from Gallamore West. Camping with Kids Laurie from Gallamore West shares 5 practical things that you can do to make camping with kids a lot easier and she shares some really yummy camping food ideas.  Her 5 tips for camping with kids will make your next camping trip a breeze. […]

Backyard Camping – Summer Survival

One of my greatest childhood memories comes from outdoor camp-outs in our yard or at my friends homes.  I love this post on Backyard Camping from The Real Housewives of Riverton.  It’s too hot to sleep outside at our house during the Summer but as soon as it cools off we’ll definitely be doing this. Backyard Camping This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are talking all about camping.   My boys beg us all summer long to take them camping so I love the idea of just setting up camp in the backyard.   Backyard Camping doesn’t have to be complicated and The Real Housewives of Riverton show us how to set up a simple camp and even how to make oven S’mores.  Yum!  She also includes some safety tips for parents if you are letting your kids stay outside by themselves.   […]

Nature Explorer Kit – Camping Activity

We love going hiking and being outside with our boys.  These Nature Explorer Kits will make nature really come alive for them. Nature Explorer Kits Every Summer my entire family plans a family get-away and this year I am in charge of the planning, food and activities.  We typically find a place where we can spend a good deal of time outside in nature and I found a really fun hike that we are planning on doing with the kids. We have quite a few smaller kids in our extended family and I was trying to come up with an idea that would make our hikes more entertaining for them and to help them really get involved with nature.  I came up with the idea of putting together some Nature Explorer Kits that would make it fun for the kids to explore the plants, bugs and animals we might come in contact with. […]

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