This Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt will add some excitement to your next family hike or camping trip.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt

In my opinion, there are few things better than being high up in the mountains surrounded by nature and the beauties of the earth.  Since we live in Utah, we try to take advantage of the mountains as much as we can. A few years ago we traded the heat, dirt and tumbleweeds of NV for cool summer evenings, pine trees and quaking aspen.  So it is no surprise that they want to go hiking in the mountains as often as we can.  I put together a fun Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt for them to add some excitement to our hikes and camping trips.

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I love being in nature but didn’t want my boys doing a traditional scavenger hunt where they collected items from the trails that would later be tossed in the trash (unless it was trash of course).  I wanted them to leave the wild flowers, pine cones, leaves, etc where they found them for others to enjoy.   You can’t really put a deer or an eagle in a bag but you can definitely spot them and check them off the list.

Get your nature scavenger hunt here:

If you use this, let me know how it went!  Of course different areas of the country/world would have different animals and vegetation to spot.  We have spotted everything except a Moose on our hikes.

And if you are looking for a neighborhood scavenger hunt you might like our Spring Break scavenger hunt.  Even if it’s not spring break these items can be found around the neighborhood and closer to home.

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