Fruity Rainbow Crispy Treats

Do you ever find yourself in need of a last minute treat?  If you love Rice Krispie treats, you will love these easy Fruity Rainbow Crispy Treats.  These are a fun spin on traditional Rice Krispie treats but are just as simple to make and your kids will love them! Fruity Rainbow Crispy Treats These Fruity Rainbow Crispy Treats make a fun everyday treat, but they are also really fun to make for St Patrick’s Day.  My kids love that they can help out in the kitchen as well, since these are so simple to make.  You should also check out our Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Treats.  Both are yummy and simple to make! […]

Fill Your Pot of Gold St Patrick’s Day Activity

I love crafts that are not only fun, but educational.  This Fill Your Pot of Gold activity  is something fun that the kids can make AND play! Kid will learn about counting money as they fill their pot of gold. Fill Your Pot O’ Gold –  St Patrick’s Day Activity The holidays are a fun time for holiday-specific crafts and activities.  This St Patrick’s Day activity helps kids learn how to count change as they fill up their pot o’ gold. […]

Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes

It’s St Patrick’s Day!  Did you wear green?  We love making holiday breakfasts and this Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast was so fun for my boys.  Who do you know who would love lucky 4-Leaf Clover Pancakes? Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf clover Pancakes I love how much excitement my boys have over every little holiday. I was never really into celebrating St Patrick’s Day until I had kids.  I especially love listening to my son tell me all about the leprechaun that is going to come to school and bring treats.  (I hope it shows up!).  He asked me every single day if it is the day where he is supposed to wear green.  Last year we made these fun Leprechaun Pancakes for St Patrick’s Day and this year we went even easier by making this easy St Patrick’s Day breakfast of 4-leaf clover pancakes! […]

40 St Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids

St Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids ATTENTION PINNERS: If you are pinning this post, please pin the image above.  To pin one of the images below, please click through to the original source and pin the image from there. Thank you for pinning responsibly. With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some craft and food ideas that your kids would love.  I have done quite a few St Patrick’s Day posts over the past two years, but I searched the internet to find some additional posts from some of my favorite bloggers. […]

Rainbow Fruit Tray – St Patrick’s Day Food

Rainbow Fruit Tray Last year before St Patrick’s Day I shared some fun St Patrick’s Day food including a Rainbow Snack Tray, Shamrock Quesadillas, Shamrock Sugar Cookies and my favorite, Leprechaun Pancakes.  This year I decided to go with my sweet tooth once again and share a fun Rainbow Fruit Tray. […]

Leprechaun Pancakes-Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Just a couple of days until St Patrick’s Day and it wouldn’t be a holiday around here without some fun food ideas. Maybe I like creating fun things with pancakes because breakfast food is my favorite but also, pancakes are easy to play around with.  For Christmas we made Santa Pancakes and I figured it wouldn’t be too much harder to change a few things and make some Leprechaun pancakes. How to Make Leprechaun Pancakes I know that these are pretty self-explanatory but for these pancakes you will need: […]

St Patricks Day Games

These fun and easy St Patrick’s Day Games can be played at home or even in a classroom.  They are free to print and your kids will love them! Quick and Easy St Patricks Day Games St Patrick’s Day is a fun chance to do some fun things with your kids. We’ve made some fun food ideas like our Rainbow snack and Shamrock cookies, and these St Patrick’s Day games are so much fun. […]

St Patricks Day Food: Rainbow Snack and Shamrock Quesadilla

If your boys are like mine, every day after school a couple of ravenous beasts return home wanting to eat everything in sight.  My boys tend to be really, REALLY grumpy when they are hungry so feeding them asap is a must. I’ve been trying to have healthier and more filling snacks available to them so they aren’t just finishing off an entire box of gold fish crackers or cereal, so this week my 4-year-old helped me make this St Patricks Day food.  He’s been home sick from preschool so I’ve been trying to entertain him with some St Patrick’s day fun. St Patricks Day Food First we made a colorful rainbow snack tray. […]

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookies

    Shamrock Cookies St Patrick’s Day is next week!  Really?  Is it already getting to be the middle of March?  The weather here has been absolutely perfect and I’m hoping that we get at least a few more weeks (would MONTHS be too much to ask for?) of nice weather before the heat hits. As I was planning some fun St Patrick’s Day fun for my kiddos I realized that I have absolutely no idea the history behind St Patrick’s Day.  Who in the world was St Patrick? So, I did a little research and found a few facts: […]

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