We are so excited about the digital release of Disney’s new movie Paddington.  We love that bear and all of his sticky adventures.  Paddington would be the perfect movie for a sleepover with friends and we created these fun Teddy Bear Pancakes that would be the perfect sleep-over breakfast or dinner.  We love having breakfast for dinner.  How about you?  And these Teddy Bear Pancakes would be perfect with Paddington’s favorite food, Marmalade.

Tedy bear pancakes

Teddy Bear Pancakes

These Teddy Bear pancakes are so simple and fun.  Making breakfast fun doesn’t have to be difficult.  We have fun making breakfast together and my boys helped me make these simple pancakes to eat while watching Paddington.  We loved watching all of the adventures that Paddington found himself on and I loved the focus on family in the movie. 

How to Make Teddy Bear Pancakes

  1.  Mix up your favorite pancake batter.
  2.  On a hot griddle, make one large and two small pancakes for each teddy bear you are making
  3. Place large pancake in the middle of a plate and cut one of the small pancakes in half to use for the ears.
  4. Place the other small pancake on top of the big one for the snout.
  5. Add chocolate chips for the nose, eyes and mouth and your teddy bear is complete and ready to enjoy.

teddy bears

Of course my boys loved eating these pancakes and we have loved the Paddington movie.

teddy bear pancakes

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.Have you seen Paddington yet?  What was your favorite part?  If you have a Paddington food creation, I’d love to see it.  Share it on social media with #Paddington and #Movienight.

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