This Thankfulness Chain is a new tradition we are using in our family to help us remember and show appreciation for the things we are thankful for. I love Thanksgiving activities and this one keeps going all month long.

Thanksgiving Activity

Thankfulness Chain

I think I am one of the few people who still wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas but I just love Thanksgiving too much to let it get passed over.  Maybe it is because I love Fall so much and have missed it since moving to Nevada or maybe I just like that Thanksgiving gives us a time to think about what we already have and show thankfulness without all the hype that a lot of other holidays have.

There are no wish lists to write or to buy for.  Just a time to think about the things we are thankful for and hopefully spend the day with the people we love.

This year I am starting a Thankfulness Chain tradition.  We count down to Christmas and vacations so why not Thanksgiving?  But this Thankfulness chain has a little bit of a twist.  Each link of the chain I have listed one thing that we as a family have been blessed with.  Each day as we pull off the chain we can discuss why we are thankful for that thing or person.

ThankfulnessTo make, all you need is colored construction paper,a marker and staples.  Just cut the paper into strips about 2 inches thick and write the things your family is thankful for.  Then make a chain by linking the papers through each other, creating a loop and stapling them.

My favorite thing so far is listening to my boys tell each other the reasons they are thankful for them.  We definitely don’t take the time to show gratitude for each other as often as we should and even though my boys get giggling when they have to tell one of their brothers what they love about them, it has been a really fun and meaningful activity to have going on each day.  And when we are done with our chain, it will be Thanksgiving time!

Thankfulness chain

Do you have any activities that you love to do with your kids to teach thankfulness?

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