These Thankful Turkeys are a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft that gets kids thinking about what they have to be thankful for.

Thankful TurkeysThankful Turkeys: Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving time is one of my favorite times of year.  As much as I love Christmas, I refuse to skip over Thanksgiving.  It is the one holiday that is solely based on being thankful and that is an important thing I want to teach my children.  Last year we made fun Gratitude Pumpkins to help them focus on being grateful and this year we made these Thankful Turkeys.

My boys love collecting pine cones from my neighbors yard and they have quite the collection.  One of my boys brought home a pine cone turkey from preschool one year and I decided that pine cones would be the perfect thing to use for our Thankful Turkeys.  I took the original pine cone turkey one step further and added feathers with the things we are thankful for written on them to make this Thanksgiving craft all about the things we are thankful for.

These are easy to make!

Supplies needed:
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First: Have your child trace their hand on red, orange or brown construction paper.

How to make a Thankful Turkey


Next,  have them write things they are thankful for on each of the fingers/feathers.  For younger children, you can write those things for them.

Easy Thankful Turkeys


Then glue the hands onto the back of your pine cone.  I had to hold it in place while the glue dried so they would stay.

Cut out a head and neck out of brown felt.  You could also make the head out of construction paper if you want.  I liked using felt but either would work.  Cut out a beak and wattle out of craft paper and glue them onto the head.  Then glue the head onto the pine cone.

My son decided to add some feathers to the back and to add some feet.  If you use large craft feathers, you can easily tape them to the back of the turkey.

For the legs, Cut and bend brown fuzzy sticks to make the legs and feet.  Tape or glue them to the bottom of the pine cone and you are done.

Thankful Turkey CraftWe had a lot of fun making these Thankful Turkeys and I love hearing the things my boys are thankful for.

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