Need a book character costume in a pinch?  This Thing 1 Hat is the perfect solution!

Thing 1 Hat

Thing 1 Hat: Easy Dr. Seuss Costume

Dr Seuss’ birthday is coming up on March 2nd and that means “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character” day is coming up for our school as well.  I’m going to put a little confession out there.  Shh..don’t tell our school PTO..or my kids.  I HATE character dress up days! I know hate is such a strong word, but I really do hate them!  Despise them!  Wish they didn’t exist.  I’m just not creative enough to put together a costume that turns my boys into someone else. My mind doesn’t work that way and it seems as though there aren’t that many options for boys.  But…this Thing 1 Hat is the perfect solution!  It’s easy to make and you can just put your kid in a red shirt with the hat, and you are done.   Even if you don’t need it for a costume, this is a fun Dr. Seuss craft to make!

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How to Make a Thing 1 Hat

Supplies Needed:

Thing 1 Hat


This is such a cute and silly hat! In the spirit of Thing 1 and Thing 2 of course it would be silly!

1. To make your hat, start by cutting a wide strip of red construction paper. Measure it around your
child’s head. Glue, then staple to reinforce, the two ends together. This is the base of your hat.

Thing 1 Hat

Thing 1 Hat2. Cut 1 inch strips of blue construction paper (the long way) , about 12-15 strips.

Once cut, curl the paper strips. To curl, either place them all on top of each other and roll up at once
or let the kids do them one by one!

3. Glue, then staple to reinforce, each strip of blue paper inside the red band you made. This is the silly Thing 1 , Thing 2 hair!

Easy Dr Seuss Costume

4. Cut a white circle, glue it to the front of the hat. Use a marker to label it either Thing 1 or Thing 2.

Dr Seuss Craft

Put a red shirt on your child before they leave the house and they are the perfect Thing 1 (or 2).

Would Your Child Want to Be Thing 1 or Thing 2?

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