After having four boys, I’ve learned to accept the fact that this life will be crazy…and…awesome…and a bit more crazy. Raising boys can be an incredible experience and one thing that I’ve learned is that boys absolutely love their mama!

Best thing about raising a boy

The Best Thing About Raising a Boy is…

My boys adore me and that is the best feeling ever. Of course, the fact that they love their mom isn’t the only great thing about raising a boy.   I asked my Moms of Boys Community to share what they think the best thing about raising a boy is and I love their answers!

The Best Thing About Raising a Boy is…

“They really love their moms.” – Laura M

“The grossness and the mom cuddles” – Amy R.

“You get to teach them how to behave like men so we get a new generation of men ready for the world.” – Stephanie H.

“No drama! They fight, then punch each other and then they’re the best of friends. They don’t have attitude or have high pitched screams!”—Amber P.

“Getting flowers from the yard! They pick every one and bring it to me like it’s their job!” – Julie E.

“I have one of each, and my son is definitely more cuddly. Tells me all the time how pretty I am and how much he loves me.” – Shannon V.

“If we have to pee, we pee. No hunting for bathrooms. (At least while they’re still little).” – CJ B.

“The unbelievable bond that we have. And the cuddles, definitely the cuddles.” – Ashley A.

“Pockets always full of “treasures” lol!” – Rebecca R.

“That momma will always be their #1 girl! I love my baby!!” – Jasmynn

“Oh I don’t think I could list just one…but the sense of adventure and their sweetness/cuddles!” — Deanna

“When they sweet talk you! “Here you go my pretty mama. You are so cute.” – Jacquelyn K.

“How rambunctious they are, the funny things they say.. the adventures. How everything has some type of lava, sharks or monsters. Mom always comes first.” Kathy A.

You never know what surprises lurk in there pockets!!! I found a dead lizard one time and my little boy said to me … Mama you found my lizard… I said honey he’s dead… and he said “he’s still some good!!” – Tivey L.

Best Things about raising a boy

From my experience, having boys is SO MUCH FUN! I love when my boys bring me flowers, tell me I’m pretty, or just want to cuddle. They really can be the sweetest little creatures alive (when their not too busy slaying dragons, jumping in mud puddles or avoiding hot lava while jumping on the couches!)

So tell me, what is the best thing about raising boys? I can’t wait to hear your answer!

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