Football season is here and even though my boys don’t play football, they follow their favorite teams very closely. And with the big game coming up soon, I thought I would create a little bit of motivation for them to help me get the house clean, but in a fun way. These football printable chore charts for kids are the perfect way to motivate your kids to get a “Touchdown” and win a prize, while helping with their responsibilities around the house.

And the prize might just be being able to watch the game now that the house is clean. 😉 

Printable chore charts for kids

Football Printable Chore Charts for Kids

My boys need all the motivation they can get when it comes to cleaning. I can’t tell you how much grumbling happens when I ask them to pick up or do their chores. You would think that I was asking them to do something WAY worse than just washing a few dishes or, you know, putting their underwear in the hamper and not on the floor. It’s SOOO hard to do!

This football chore chart is a lot of fun! You can assign your kids jobs and they get to “race” across the field to get a touchdown for a prize, or just for the satisfaction of beating their siblings for the WIN!

Printable Chore Charts for kids

You can print one out for each of your kids or have them use the same board so they can see just how close they are to each other. Just cut off the footballs at the bottom and put your child’s name on it.

But make sure they watch out for the 5 yard penalties! You can decide what works best for your kids, but I plan to use the penalties for any fighting, laziness, grumpiness, etc.

These football printable chore charts for kids are great for making chores feel a teeny tiny bit more fun.

Grab you Football Chore Chart today and remember that The Joys of Boys Club members get access to ALL of our printables included in their membership. We add new printable resources every month!

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