Can you believe that Easter is coming already??  Since we have been spending a lot of time at home, I have been trying to find things to occupy my boys so I don’t lose my mind, and easy LEGO challenges are always a hit.  I challenged my boys to make a LEGO Easter Basket and Easter Eggs and they got right to work.   

LEGO Easter Basket and Egg

LEGO Easter Basket and Easter Egg

I love when my boys use their creativity and LEGO building is one of those things where you can almost see the wheels working in their minds as they create different things.  After challenging my boys to come up with LEGO Easter ideas, I love the LEGO Easter basket and Egg that my son designed.  He is super clever.  I especially love the tiny Easter eggs inside the Easter basket.  So cute!

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 LEGO Creative Tower Building Kit

If your kids love LEGO and you haven’t invested in a Classic LEGO set, I highly recommend doing that. I absolutely LOVE the different themed LEGO sets you can purchase and we have several, but our box of generic LEGO bricks gets played with 100Xs more than the LEGO sets that are for specific builds. My boys will spend hours building new creations.

We have the LEGO Creative Tower and the possibilities of things you can make are endless. My boys have made everything from dinosaurs to the Washington Monument with the Creative tower bricks.


For our Easter LEGO challenge, the LEGO Easter egg is pretty self-explanatory so I didn’t include step-by-step instructions to that, but I have included a step-by-step printable download of the Easter basket steps for you to use to make your own.  Many of the bricks can be swapped out for what you have on hand so let your kids get creative.

LEGO Easter Basket and Easter Egg Challenge

You can download the instructions here: LEGO Easter Challenge: Easter Basket and Easter Egg

And if you want to make a little boy’s day, leave a comment and let him know what you thought of his creation!

What Easter traditions do you have with your family? 

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