If you have kids, there is a good chance you have LEGO. And if you have LEGO, then there is a good chance that you have become frustrated with how to organize all of the pieces and store them when not in use!  And we’ve all experienced how painful it is to STEP on a LEGO that was left out! But no worries!  These 25 LEGO Storage Ideas are just what you need to take the frustration out of storing LEGO pieces.

Genius LEGO Storage Ideas

LEGO Storage Ideas

I love all of these LEGO storage ideas listed below. There are so many clever ways to store LEGO pieces and Minifigures.

1. IKEA Frame LEGO Minifigure Storage | Our LEGO minifigures are always losing their accessories (and limbs!).  This is a fun way to keep them organized.
2. DIY LEGO Head Storage Containers | What could be more fun to store LEGO in than a LEGO head? These are perfect LEGO storage ideas!
3. Under Bed Rolling LEGO Storage Cart | Out of sight, out of mind.  This is genius!  Kids can roll it out to play and then roll it right back under the bed when they are done.
4. LEGO Mini Figure Shelf | This is another great way to store LEGO minifigures!
5. Travel LEGO Box | LEGO isn’t just fun at home.  These Travel LEGO boxes make it possible to take the fun on the road.
6. Train Table Turned LEGO Table with Color Coded LEGO Storage  | Do you have an old train table that your kids have outgrown? Turn it into a LEGO table!  This is great!
7. LEGO Dimensions Storage Idea | LEGO Dimensions are a big hit right now!  This is a great way to store all of the pieces.
8. DIY LEGO Wall Storage | This is a brilliant idea for storing LEGO pieces.  It keeps them off the floor but still within reach of kids.
9. DIY LEGO Storage Cube |I love this! If you are good at DIY, make this LEGO storage cube.
10. LEGO Storage Stool | This is great! Storage and a place for kids to sit.
11. DIY LEGO Storage Shelf | What a great way to store LEGO!  Our storage area looks a lot like her “problems.”
12. LEGO Organization by Color | If you like your LEGO pieces organized by color, this is a great idea!
13. DIY LEGO Table with Tons of Storage | I love this LEGO table made from IKEA furniture!
14. LEGO Travel Case | Another great idea for taking LEGO on the road.
15. DIY LEGO Table from an IKEA Trofast Unit | I like how narrow this table is.  It doesn’t take up nearly as much room as others I have seen.
16. Homemade LEGO Storage Bucket | So clever!  We have a few of these buckets sitting around the house.
17. Simple LEGO Kit Storage Solution | This is a great idea for storing LEGO sets.  My boys hate it when pieces to our sets are missing!
18. DIY LEGO Storage Ideas Pick Up and Play Mat | This is awesome!  I need to make a few of these.
19. DIY LEGO Table with Storage | Another great idea using an IKEA table!  You can do so much with their furniture.
20. LEGO Storage Drawers | I love how simple this storage idea is!
21. Shoe Organizer for LEGO  | I would have never thought to use a shoe organizer as storage for LEGO.
22. Under Couch LEGO Storage Drawer | This is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of room for a LEGO table.
23. LEGO Table with Cubby Storage | This is another great LEGO table with storage.
24. DIY LEGO Storage from Formula Container | Now I’m wishing that I would have hung on to some of my formula containers.  How fun!
25. DIY Silly Face LEGO Storage Containers | This is a fun and EASY idea!

LEGO Storage Ideas

What is your favorite way to store LEGO? Let me know in the comments or send me a picture to possibly be featured on The Joys of Boys Facebook page.

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