Over the years of raising four boys, we have acquired quite a bit of toys.  Here are some of my toy storage solutions as well as some great ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.Toy Storage


Toy Storage Solutions

LEGO, Hot Wheels, Train Tracks, Duplo, Balls, Dinosaurs, Pirate Play Sets, Super Hero Action Figures….the list goes on and on of toys that I am constantly stepping on or kicking out of my way.  Can you relate?  I have a couple of easy toy storage solutions that I think you will like. Both ideas involve recycled materials so you won’t have to pay hardly anything at all out-of-pocket if you have them on hand.

My Top Tips for Toy Storage

1- Zippered Bags from Sheets or Blankets

Toy Storage

These are my absolute favorite thing for storing toys in.  I have all of our Hot Wheels tracks, wooden train sets, LEGO and Duplo sets in these bags.  Every time I purchase new sheets or blankets, I hang on to the bag and use it for storage.  These are great for big sets because you can see what is in them and they are easier to fill than hard plastic bins because they have some give to them.  Plus, they can slide nicely under a bed and are easy for kids to open and close.

2-  Large Plastic Food Containers

DIY Toy Storage

I love converting large plastic food containers into fun DIY storage containers.  Typically these containers come with pretzels or other foods in them.  I hang onto them and put toys in them.  I you want to get creative, you can make these fun DIY Storage Containers using a little paint, glue and a cute dollar store toy for the top. Just click on the link for instructions on how to make them.  They are a lot more fun to look at then just plain containers.

Toy Storage Ideas From Around the Web

Check out these great toy storage ideas from some of my favorite kid bloggers:

What is your favorite toy storage solution?

Toy Storage

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