We love making fun things out of pool noodles and these Pool Noodle Poppers were the perfect camping craft.

Pool Noodle crafts

Pool Noodle Poppers

In the summer, we love to go camping and sometimes finding things to entertain kids can be difficult.  We love making different camping crafts/activities and playing camping games.  These Pool Noodle Poppers are a camping craft and activity mixed into one.  And they are easy to make! Post includes affiliate links.

How to make Pool Noodle Poppers

Supplies needed:

These are so simple to make and provided tons of fun for the kids.

Start by having an adult cut the pool noodle into pieces about 3 inches thick.  They are really easy to cut but make sure you are careful.

Pool Noodle poppers

Cut the tip off of a balloon and tie a knot in the other end. Make sure not to cut too much off of the tip so that it can stretch around the pool noodle.

Pool Noodle popper craft

Stretch the balloon over one of the ends of the pool noodle that has been cut.

Pool Noodle craft popper

Secure the balloon with you favorite style of Duct Tape.  We just made these at girl’s camp for our church and we used Superhero Duct Tape because the theme of our camp was superheroes.  I love the duct tape we used!

Pool Noodle popper

Once your pool noodle popper is done, then the fun begins.  Place a mini marshmallow or a pom pom inside, pull back on the balloon and let it fly!  Just make sure to clean up the mess after the war is complete. 😉

Pool Noodle Popper

What are some of your favorite things to make with pool noodles?

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