This puppy birthday cake was perfect for my son’s puppy-themed birthday.
Puppy Birthday Cake

Puppy Birthday Cake

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When my youngest turned 4, he insisted on having a puppy birthday party.  He has several stuffed doggies that he just loves and his favorite is his Pop Out Pets: Stuffy, Fluffy and Furry. (It is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen but he loves those dogs, especially the “British Bulldog”. 😉 )With his birthday he was really hoping to get a puppy birthday cake that would look like his dog “Spots” (dalmation).  This turned out so cute and he loved it!

Puppy Birthday Cake

We also had Puppy Pancakes and Puppy cupcakes.

Supplies needed for Puppy Birthday Cake

  • Round Cake Pan
  • Heart Cake Pan
  • Favorite cake mix
  • White frosting (Or chocolate depending on the type of puppy you want to make.)
  • Chocolate cookies
  • Junior Mints
  • Cake board
  • 1 cupcake (or you can use a Hostess Ding Dong. We made puppy cupcakes with our cake.)
  • Mini Oreos
  • Black Gel Frosting

How to Make a Puppy Cake

  1. Make cake as directed for 2 round cake mixes except use one round cake pan and one heart cake pan.
    How to make a puppy birthday cake
  2. Let cool and remove from pans.  Cool completely.
  3. Position round cake pan in the middle of large cake board.
  4. Cut the heart cake in half and position on each side of the round cake for the ears. I cut a little bit of cake out on the inside of each ear so it fits snug up against the round cake.
    puppy birthday cake kids
  5. Crush chocolate cookies in a bag.
  6. Frost the entire cake white. Cut cupcake in half and position as the snout (or place ding dong on cake).  Frost white.
  7. Cover the ears with crushed chocolate cookies and place as many spots on the dog as you want.
  8. Put two Junior Mints for eyes and a mini Oreo for the nose.
    Easy Puppy Birthday Cake
  9. Give your cake to a smiley, excited kid and your work is done!

puppy birthday

Add a few “Pupcakes” to make the birthday setup complete!

Easy puppy cake


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