Is it really the end of November?  Thanksgiving day preparations are being made at our house and that includes ways to entertain the kids while we prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  Grab some crayons, dice and print out this Roll a Turkey game, to keep the kids busy and out of your hair.

Roll a Turkey

Roll a Turkey – Printable Thanksgiving Game

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is all about enjoying time with family and I love being able to teach my kids to be thankful for the things they already have, instead of just anticipating getting new things like they do on some of the other holidays.  My kids love getting together with cousins and Roll a Turkey is a fun game they can play while they wait to dig into some delicious turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pie.

Printable Thanksgiving Game

My oldest son put this fun Thanksgiving game together and my boys have had a lot of fun playing it. The concept is simple.  Print out the Roll a turkey instructions and turkey body and take turns rolling the dice to see what you can add to your turkey with each roll.  When your turkey is complete, you win!  We have adjusted the instructions to my youngest son and made this fun for everyone to play.

Roll a Turkey

I loved seeing the different turkeys that my boys created and I love that one of the options is to add a hair-do to your turkey and some accessories.  Each of my boys had their own creative ideas on how their turkey should look.

We ended up with a Sumo Wrestler,

Roll a Turkey

A businessman,

Thanksgiving Game

and a soldier:

Roll a turkey

Print out a few copies of Roll a Turkey and your kids will be entertained while you put the final touches on Thanksgiving dinner.  Then after dinner, sit down and play a round with them. 🙂

Thanksgiving Game

If you love this game, you should grab Thanksgiving Charades for even more fun with your family!

Charades is my favorite game to play when we get a big group of family or friends together. So fun!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What family traditions do you have for Thanksgiving Day?