A Superhero Party for Kids doesn’t have to be stressful.  These Superhero party ideas will make it so simple for you.

Superhero party

Superhero Party

My son asked for a Superhero party for his 7th birthday and we had a lot of fun coming up with some simple games.  It was hot out, so we had to plan birthday party games that we could play inside.

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Superhero Word Search

As our guests arrived I had a Superhero Word Search out on the table for the kids to work on while we waited for the rest of the kids to arrive.  They had a lot of fun helping each other find different superheroes.

Superhero Bingo

Once everyone had arrived, we played this fun Superhero Bingo game since I already had everyone sitting at the table (which was quite an accomplishment!).  Bingo is always fun, especially if you have treats for the markers.

Diffuse the Bomb

Of course, Superheroes need to save people from danger.  Diffuse the Bomb is a fun game where you tie a black balloon to a string and attach it to each of the kids ankles.  Then things get a bit crazy!  Once you say go, everyone tries to pop each others balloons while keeping their balloon safe. To win the game, you have to be the last one with a balloon. (The kids were moving so fast it was hard to get a picture!)

Super hero party

Dispose of the Kryptonite

We all know that Superheroes have weaknesses.  They will want to avoid those at all costs. Dispose of the Kryptonite has the kids in teams racing to dispose of the “Kryptonite”. The Kryptonite is just balls of foil.  We then gave each team two chopsticks and the teams had to pick up the Kryptonite with their sticks and race it across the floor to the bowl to dispose of it.  If they dropped it, they had to take it back and start again.  The first team to dispose of all of the Kryptonite won!

Superhero party

Joker Face

Superheroes also have to deal with villains.  Joker Face is a game that tests their ability to stand up to a villain. This game got really silly.  Have the kids sit in a circle and let the birthday kid be the Joker first.  The Joker has to try and get someone to laugh without touching them.  They can do anything else to make kids laugh and our guests got pretty crazy.  The superhero who can keep a straight face the longest wins.

Superhero party game

Defeat the Villains

Our superheroes had to defeat some villains in order to get to our Pinata.  We used our Pool Noodle Target (Best things we have ever made! We use it all the time.) and taped on pictures of different superhero villains. Our superheroes then had to throw their weapon, a cardboard wrapping paper tube, and try to defeat the villains.

Superhero party games

We ended our party with presents, a Spiderman pinata and cupcakes. I found these fun cupcake toppers that made the cupcakes so easy!

Superhero cupcakes

Later with family we had a fun Superman Cake.

Superman Cake

Our party bags included Superhero punch balloons, superhero pens, masks and tons of superhero candy.

Superhero party

This Superhero Party was one of the easiest I have thrown and the kids had a great time!

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