A Spooky Halloween Game

The day has come and soon ghosts, witches and skeletons will be haunting our neighborhoods.  If you are planning Halloween parties or need a little something fun for the kids to help hold them over until trick-or-treating time, here is a fun and spooky Halloween game that would work perfectly for any Halloween party at home or in school. (Download your free game below!) Spooky Halloween Game […]

Kids Got Energy? Dancing is the Best Medicine!

As a parent of 4 boys, I understand that boys can be balls of energy and that energy, if not contained, can become quite destructive.  So what is the best remedy for helping them to use up all of that built-up energy,  especially if weather isn’t permitting them to go outside?  Get them dancing with Just Dance: Disney Party 2! Just Dance: Disney Dance Party 2 You can always just turn on some music and have your kids bust a move, but I have found it is much more fun (and competitive) for my boys to pop a Just Dance disc into our Wii and let them dance to their favorite songs, while they compete for the top score position.  My boys are very competitive so the competition factor makes them work even harder to get the top score. […]

Roll a Turkey – Printable Thanksgiving Game

Is it really the end [...]

The Pie Face Game: Laugh-out-loud Family Fun

“This post was sponsored by Hasbro as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received a complimentary product to facilitate my review.” When the Pie Face Game arrived in the mail, I knew we had received a game that my boys would want to play immediately.  Let’s “face” it, 4 boys + whipped cream to your face = belly laughs for hours and Pie Face definitely delivered. They wanted to open it up right away and practically pushed me out the door to go and purchase some whipped cream.  Once I was home, the fun began. Pie Face Game You don’t have to look very far to realize that life is really stressful for parents AND kids and a game like Pie Face is just what we need to turn stressful days into laugh-out-loud memories.  Pie Face reminds us how much fun it is to be silly, because you never know when you will get a “sweet” surprise to the face.  The suspense is one of the best parts of the game!  I loved watching my youngest flinch every time he twisted the knob. […]

Transformers Matching Game

My youngest boys have a little bit of an obsession right now: Transformers!  And can you blame them?  There are so many Transformers that even little boys can play with.  Since my boys are so excited about them, I thought I would make up a Transformers Matching Game and share with you our favorite new Transformer. Transformers Matching Game When we first started buying Transformers when my oldest was younger, we couldn’t find any that he could actually transform.  In all honestly, I couldn’t transform them either!  We both ended up frustrated.  I know there are many Transformer fans who love the difficult sets, and they really are cool, unless you are 6 and can’t get them to work. So, imagine how excited I was to see so many new Transformers on the market that my youngest boys can transform in just a few easy steps. […]

25 Halloween Games for Kids

From the giggle of children munching donuts off a bouncing string, to the cheers of children as their team wins a game, Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with friends! Shared below are 25 Halloween games that can easily be adapted for a home or class party. 25 Halloween Games for Kids […]

10 Trivia Games Your Entire Family Will Love

We love to get the kids together and play games for family game night and these Trivia Games are fun for the entire family. Trivia Games Your Family Will Love I am on a personal mission to take back family time in my home.  It seems as though our family is constantly being pulled in 1,000 different directions and life can become quite chaotic.  My husband travels a lot for work and my boys are very active with sports, music lessons and scouts. As a family, we try to have at least one night per week where we are home together and unplugged. My boys love having family game night and my oldest boys just discovered how fun trivia games can be. […]

Which Disney Character Am I? Free Printable Disney Game

Last week we hosted a fun Disney Imagicademy party complete with Disney games and food.  One of those games was “Which Disney Character Am I?” where we took turns figuring out which Disney character had been taped on our backs. Free Printable Disney Game Includes affiliate links. This game is a really fun ice breaker and can be done as guests are arriving at or anytime during a Disney party. […]

Blast Off to Learning with Disney Imagicademy

This past week while some people were making plans for Super Bowl parties, we were having much more fun hosting a  Disney Imagicademy party to share Disney’s new app Mickey’s Magical Math World with our friends. […]

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