From the giggle of children munching donuts off a bouncing string, to the cheers of children as their team wins a game, Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with friends! Shared below are 25 Halloween games that can easily be adapted for a home or class party.

Halloween Games

25 Halloween Games for Kids

1. Halloween Dance, Dance, Freeze
Put together a hauntingly fun playlist of Halloween songs for children to dance to. When the music shuts off, everyone needs to freeze!

2. A Spooky Halloween Night | The Joys of Boys
Kids will love the spooky fun this Halloween creative writing activity brings.

3. Halloween Charades | The Joys of Boys
Kids will laugh as they watch friends and family act out walking through a spider web or bobbing for apples.

4. Halloween Tin Can Bowling | Red Ted Art
An easy, upcycled bowling game perfect for Halloween.

5. Printable Halloween Bingo  | Crazy Little Projects
You can’t have a Halloween party without Halloween Bingo! Perfect Halloween game for a party at home or school.

6. Ghost Races | Fireflies and Mud Pies
A Halloween twist on classic potato sack races!

7. Halloween Candy Estimation Jar
Fill a large jar with Halloween candy. Invite every child to estimate how much candy is inside. The child who makes the best guess wins the jar!

8. Pin the Boo on the Ghost | The Pleasantest Thing
An adorable Halloween game for kids of all ages.

9. Witches Hat Toss | Sometimes Creative
An easy game to create and play, fun for home or school.

10. Ghost Bottle Bowling | No Time for Flashcards
Kids can put this game together all by themselves!

Halloween Games for Kids

11. Pin the Eye on the Monster | Lil’ Luna
To make this cute Halloween game, follow the tutorial, or simplify it by using a simple piece of felt!

12. Lair of the Spider Queen | Chicken Babies
Kids will get a kick out of this unexpected, gross motor game!

13. Pumpkin Tic Tac Tow  | It’s Overflowing
Use mini pumpkins and washi tape to create an extra-large game of tic tac toe!

14. Halloween Punch-a-Bunch | The Techy Teacher
Kids will love this game that gets them up and moving!

15. Donuts on a String | Fireflies and Mud Pies
Kids will get a kick out of eating donuts off a string without using their hands!

16. Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss | The Pleasantest Thing
Cardboard and bean bags are all you need to put this delightful activity together!

17. Halloween Stack, Count, and Squirt Game | Momma’s Fun World
This outdoor game is perfect for mild, Halloween weather!

18. Make a Mummy Wrap Game | Kids Activities Blog
Bring out the toilet paper and challenge teams to wrap their mummy fastest!

19. You’ve Been Booed! | Kids Activities Blog
What a lovely way to bring a feeling of fun and community to your neighborhood or school.

20. Sticky Spider Web Game | Hands On As We Grow
Need an unexpected Halloween game for a home or school party? Kids will love this sticky spider web!

21. Ghost Toss | Mess for Less
Kids will love tossing little pumpkins into the mouth of a Halloween ghost!

22. Monster Dice | Momma’s Fun World
Roll the dice and do what it says! Maybe kids will have to walk like Frankenstein or cackle like a witch!

23. Monster Brains Sensory Scavenger Hunt | Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Gross and gooey, kids will love this classic Halloween fun!

24. Bobbing for Apples
Kids still love this fall classic!

25. Printable Paper Games | Kids Activities Blog
These printable Halloween games are perfect for kids settling down with a snack, or for kids who need a break from the loud Halloween fun.
Halloween Games

Which Halloween game will you try?

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