Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt

This Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt will add some excitement to your next family hike or camping trip. Nature Scavenger Hunt In my opinion, there are few things better than being high up in the mountains surrounded by nature and the beauties of the earth.  Since we live in Utah, we try to take advantage of the mountains as much as we can. A few years ago we traded the heat, dirt and tumbleweeds of NV for cool summer evenings, pine trees and quaking aspen.  So it is no surprise that they want to go hiking in the mountains as often as we can.  I put together a fun Eye-Spy Nature Scavenger Hunt for them to add some excitement to our hikes and camping trips. […]

25 Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Spring break is coming!  Some people may be excited for the break and some may be wondering what we will do to entertain the kids all week.  If you don’t have any big plans, here are some  Spring Break ideas for Kids that are fun and inexpensive. We are pretty lucky here because our weather is pretty much perfect every year for Spring Break.  I think it is our gift for having to endure our desert Summers.  We love spending time outside as much as possible and we put together a list of Spring Break Ideas that we love to do.  […]

10 Tips for Visiting Zion National Park with Kids

Summertime is coming and that means travel. Do you love visiting National Parks?  Here are 10 Tips for Visiting Zion National Park with Kids. 10 Tips for Visiting Zion National Park with Kids   Zion National Park has to be one of my personal favorite places to visit and the best part for families is that it is a great place to take kids.  After spending many days there, I’ve decided to put together my list of 10 tips for visiting Zion National Park with kids. […]

Ultimate DIY Splash Pad

This Ultimate DIY Splash Pad is the perfect way for your kids to stay cool as the summer rolls on.  It’s made with really inexpensive materials that can be purchased at any hardware store and your kids will be entertained for hours! DIY Splash Pad This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing all sorts of fun water play ideas to keep your kids cool during the hottest part of the summer.  My handy husband and boys put together this fun DIY Splash Pad that kept my boys entertained all morning on Saturday.  All you need is a few items from the hardware store to create a splash pad that will make you the envy of the neighborhood kids. […]

5 Summer Pool Noodle Activities

These  Pool Noodle Activities will have your kids entertained for hours.  We’ve had them now for 2 years and they still provide hours of fun. Pool Noodle Activities I love summertime!  And I love activities that get my kids outside and active.   These pool noodles activities are perfect for little boys!  Not only can they use up some of their endless energy but you don’ t have to worry about them getting hurt because they are using pool noodles.  When I found pool noodles for sale at the dollar store I was so excited to create some fun games and activities for my kids.  I think the lady that helped me out must have thought I was crazy as she watched me shoving pool noodles into every square inch of my car.  But we fit and I made it home safe. Pool Noodle Activities 1- Giant Ring Toss […]

Pool Noodle Swords

Pool Noodle Swords Every spring I watch for the dollar store to get in their stock of pool noodles.  Not necessarily because we need them for swimming, but because we have found so many other fun pool noodle activities. We even created a pool noodle goal post for my son’s Sports Birthday Party.  My boys turn them into weapons anyways, so it was only natural for us to make pool noodle swords out of them. […]

Summer Day Camp: Sand Candles

  Sand Candles This week’s Summer Day Camp post comes from Sarah at Limemade Designs.  I am so excited to try these candles with my boys.  The fun things about these is that the possibilities are endless on how you could customize them.  To learn how you can make your own sand candles visit Sarah’s post: Sand Candles. […]

Foil River: Fun on a Dime

Need a quick and inexpensive way to entertain your kids this week?  Try making a foil river!  It’s so simple and yet your kids will spend hours racing things down the river. It has been a very hot summer here and I’m starting to run out of ideas for fun ways to entertain my boys and use up some of their extra energy, especially since they are cooped up inside all day.  Anything that involves water and being outside is a luxury, so we took advantage of a cooler morning (you know upper 90’s) and played in the water. How to Make a Foil River […]

Summer Day Camp: Juice Box Boats

I’m so excited to be this week’s Summer Day Camp camp instructor.  If you are new to The Joys of Boys, WELCOME!  I’m so glad you’re here!   I hope you will have a look around and stay for awhile.  To learn a little bit more about me and The Joys of Boys, check out my About Me page. I have been extra busy this summer just trying to keep my boys entertained inside and away from electronics as the temperatures have topped 120° outside.  These juice box boats are an easy and fun craft for any kids to make during the summer and the best part is, unlike other types of boxes, juice boxes float! […]

DIY Pool Noodle Goal Post

Last month we threw the Ultimate Sports Party for my now 7-year-old and we had lots of fun using some of the pool noodle activities I shared on the blog last summer as well as this new pool noodle goal post.  I turned to my handy, dandy husband and asked him to come up with some sort of goal post to be used in a field goal kicking competition and this is what he came up with.  (We’re so lucky to have him around. 🙂 ) I’ll try my best to give a good description of how this was made but if I leave something out or don’t explain something very well, leave me a comment and I’ll have my husband answer.  Sound good? How to Make a Pool Noodle Goal Post […]

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