Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

One or our responsibilities as parents is to raise our children to be responsible, successful adults. Part of that responsibility is teaching our kids how to do household chores.  I’ve thought about the things I am trying to teach my boys (yes “trying”, it’s not always easy!) and here is my list of age-appropriate chores for kids. Age-Appropriate Chores For Kids Before I am ready, my boys will be packing their bags and heading out to face the world on their own. And while I can’t even think about it right now without wanting to cry, I know that part of our responsibility as parents is to get them ready to leave the house.  In order to be ready to leave, they have to know how to DO THINGS!  My boys still see chores as torture, but really, they are learning valuable life skills that will help them to be succesful.  I start my boys with chores when they are really young doing simple things, and add to those responsibilities as they get older.  My list of age-appropriate chores for kids is below. […]

When Kids Fight: Tips to Reduce Fighting In Your Home

I’m pretty positive that we have all experienced some sort of fighting or contention in our homes at one time or another.  If not, please tell me your secret!  I recently wrote about ways we can reduce sibling rivalry in our homes, but sometimes fighting still continues.  Here are some guidelines on what you should do when you have fighting kids. When Kids Fight: Tips to Reduce Fighting In Your Home I wish I could tell you that I’ve got this whole fighting things figured out and that my boys are perfect gentlemen at all times and always treat each other with love and respect.  Well, unfortunately that doesn’t happen.  They are great kids, but arguments break out over silly things. […]

Tips to Reduce Sibling Rivalry

If you have more than one child, then you understand that sibling rivalry can be a huge frustration and challenge. From the moment your second (or third, fourth, etc) child is born, sibling rivalry will begin as your children naturally start to compete for your attention.  There isn’t anything you can do to prevent it. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to reduce sibling rivalry. Post contains affiliate links. Tips to Reduce Sibling Rivalry Think about what it is like for the oldest child in a family when they have had all of mom and dad’s attention for their entire life and then another little person joins the family and takes a lot of that attention away.  Suddenly mom and dad are more busy than before and if a child thinks they are losing their parents attention they will do whatever it takes to get it back.  Just think about the last time you tried to take a phone call or even slip off to the bathroom alone.  You end up with kids at your feet needing your RIGHT NOW! […]

Teaching Boys Personal Hygiene, So They Won’t STINK!

Let’s be honest for a minute.  If you are raising boys, you know about “boy funk” – that nasty odor that emanates from your boys the second they leave the shower (or so it seems.) If my boys walk outside, I know I can expect smelly kids when they return.  But, there is hope. If we teach our boys personal hygiene, and make sure they are actually listening and taking action, then we won’t have to plug our noses when they come in for a hug. Teaching Boys Personal Hygiene It seems as though personal hygiene should be pretty common sense.  You wash your hands, you brush your teeth, you take a bath…etc.  But to a boy, who has time for that?  My boys have boundless energy and they don’t always want to take time to clean up.  Here are some things we need to be teaching our boys about personal hygiene so they don’t STINK! […]

How to Keep Your Sanity While Raising Energetic Boys

Raising energetic boys is exhausting, but these tips can help you keep your sanity and direct their energy into something that won’t destroy your house. Raising Energetic Boys Oh, this is a topic I could talk about all day. Boys and Energy!  Seriously, if I could figure out a way to bottle their energy, I would be rich! Some days I really feel like I’m losing it.  But, there are a few things you can do to keep your sanity while raising energetic boys.  (At least, I think I’m still sane. 😉 ) […]

6 Tips to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

We have a lot of mouths to brush in my house and these tips to get kids to brush their teeth have helped make teeth brushing less of a struggle. Tips to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a battle!  The last thing my boys want to do is stop playing to brush their teeth.  My youngest boys are always busy  and getting them to wind down and hold still while they brush their teeth is sometimes a fight.  Plus, brushing their teeth isn’t high up there on the priority list of kids.  Here are some tips to get kids to brush their teeth that have helped my 4 boys. […]

Tips to Get Boys Excited About Learning How to Cook

My boys love helping me plan meals and cook.  They are excited to try new recipes and love learning new ways of doing things.   Here are a few tips to get boys excited about learning how to cook. Cooking With Boys Knowing how to cook is one of the life skills that everyone should have before leaving the house, but sadly a lot of children are never taught how to do more than open a box, boil some pasta and make a sauce out of powdered cheese (If they even learn that).  There are a lot of activities competing for my boys’ attention , but here are a few simple things that I have done to get my boys excited about learning how to cook different foods.   Hopefully I’m preparing them now so when they leave home they will know how to prepare basic meals. […]

10 Tips To Help You Deal With Bedwetting

Bedwetting is normal in kids but it can be frustrating and even embarrassing.  Here are 10 Tips To Help You Deal with Bedwetting. 10Tips To Help You Deal With Bedwetting As I’ve mentioned in the past, we have had our fair share of night-time bathroom issues.  One of those issues is bedwetting.   Bedwetting can be very frustrating, because just when you think you are done with diapers, you have a whole new type of mess to clean up.  And, boys are up to 3Xs more likely to have problems with bedwetting than girls are so I was bound to have at least one with a problem. […]

How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet and Shoes – Natural Remedies

I have boys.  Boys smell.  A LOT!  But there are a few things we can do to help get rid of stinky feet and shoes.   How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet and Shoes The one thing that has been surprising to me as a mom of boys, is how smelly they can get.  They can be freshly bathed one minute, go outside for 30 seconds and come in smelling like a wet dog.  And their feet can get so smelly, especially when they get involved in sports and are sweating a lot.  It gets worse as they get older.  Here are some natural remedies that will help your kids (or anyone in the family) get rid of stinky feet and shoes. […]

How to Get Dirt and Grass Stains out of Children’s Clothing

It seems to never fail.  I buy new clothes for my boys and they come home from school with grass or dirt stains.  The term “boys will be boys” definitely applies to how my boys treat their clothes.  Here are some great tips on how to get stains out of children’s clothes (or any clothes for that matter.) How to Get Stains Out of Clothes I do a lot of laundry at my house.  A LOT!  In fact, I don’t think I ever finish doing laundry because when I get to the bottom of the baskets, there are already clothes starting to pile up that need to be washed.  My boys are very involved in sports so they change a couple of times a day. And even when they aren’t playing sports, they are being boys outside in the dirt. (We have a lot of dirt here in the desert!) […]

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