I have 4 boys and my boys love their electronics.  But, I definitely don’t want them playing games or watching shows all day long.  One of the things I am always on the look out for is Tech-Free Indoor Activities to keep them entertained when we are stuck indoors due to weather.

Tech-free activities

5 Tech-Free Indoor Activities

1. Build a Blanket Fort

I’m yet to meet a kid who doesn’t enjoy making a fort with blankets, chairs and couches.  My boys can spend hours building and playing in blanket forts and the cleanup is relatively easy.  All you have to do is fold up a few blankets and you are done!  Plus, I love watching their imaginations go wild as they create different adventures and stories involving their forts.

Tech-Free Activities for Kids

2. Get Crafty with Qixels

Tech-Free Activities

My boys have always loved creating things and Qixels kept them entertained for an entire Saturday.  Qixels are cubes that fuse together with just water and the design possibilities are endless.  It is really hard to find craft supplies that appeal to my boys.  When I saw that Qixels included designs of ninjas, dragons, monsters, warriors, zombies and more, I knew they would be a hit.  My boys enjoyed making designs using the included templates and had fun with their own creations.

Tech-Free Indoor Activities

Once their designs were complete, they sprayed them with water using the Fuse Blaster and then gave them a spin to dry off in the Turbo Dryer. My boys loved pushing the plunger and watching their creations dry in no time.    I love their completed creations!

Tech-Free Activities for Kids

3. Make Homemade Play Dough and Finger Paint

Kids love playing with play dough and finger paint and I love that I have easy recipes that I can whip up in a jiffy at home with ingredients that I typically have on hand.  These play dough and finger paint recipes have been in our family for years and will provide hours of indoor entertainment.

4. Science!

Sometimes science projects take a little bit more planning, but kids love experimenting and I have found several easy science experiments that my boys have enjoyed.  Sometimes basic ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar can allow you to do several different types of science experiments such as Baking Soda Volcanoes and this Foaming Dragon experiment and Grow a Monster experiment.

Indoor Activities

5. Cut Paper Snowflakes

It is a winter wonderland at my house, even though we haven’t seen a flake of snow in the 10 years we’ve lived here.  My boys have every room decorated with paper snowflakes and even my youngest is getting pretty good at cutting out his own snowflakes.  For the more “advanced” snowflake maker, check out these amazing Star Wars Snowflakes and Frozen Snowflakes.  They take a bit more time, but my oldest kids enjoy the challenge.


I hope these tech-free activities for kids have inspired you to have them put the electronics away for a bit and get creative.

What is your favorite tech-free activity to do with your kids?