Summer is coming and one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of summer is head to the dollar store and stock up on pool noodles. We don’t even have  a pool, but we can always find fun things to make and do with pool noodles.  We’ve shared some fun pool noodle activities in the past, but if you are looking for something fun for the kids to make this summer, check out 25 Things to Make with Pool Noodles.

Things to Make with pool noodles

25 Things to Make with Pool Noodles

I love crafts and activities that don’t cost a lot of money.  I think the employees at our local dollar store know me by name by now and they laugh as they see me each summer trying to stuff as many pool noodles into my car as I can fit.  We just have so much fun making things with them and I love seeing the creative ideas that you can find online. I just had to share ideas of things to make with a pool noodle with you and your family so you can join in the fun too!

Pool Noodle Activities

1. Pool Noodle Croquet | The Joys of Boys
2. Pool Noodle Rocket Flinger | Frugal Fun 4 Boys
3. Pool Noodle Cupcakes | Nellie Bellie
4. Pool Noodle Hobby Horse | Mollymoo
5. Pool Noodle Nunchucks | All for the Boys

Goal Post

6. Pool Noodle Goal Post | The Joys of Boys
7. Pool Noodle Water Wall | Teaching Mama
8. Pool Noodle Marble Run | Little Bins for Little Hands
9. DIY Kiddie Car Wash | Mom Endeavors
10. Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin | Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Pool Noodle Poppers

11.Pool Noodle Poppers | The Joys of Boys
12. Pool Noodle Spiders | Mollymoo
13. Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course | Learn Play Imagine
14. Kiddie Sprinkler | Mom Endeavors
15. Pool Noodle Luminaries | Create Craft Love

Pool Noodle Swords

16. Pool Noodle Swords | The Joys of Boys
17. Pool Noodle Train Tracks | Play Trains
18. Pool Noodle Kitchen Wreath | Cottage at the Crossroads
19. Pool Noodle Shark | JDaniel4’s Mom
20. Floating Flowers | Mama Papa Bubba

Sports Birthday Party, Pool Noodle Target

21. Pool Noodle Target | The Joys of Boys
22. Pool Noodle Balance Board | And Next Comes L
23. Bubble Wands | Create Craft Love
24. Pool Noodle Catapult | Toddler Approved
25. Pool Noodle Pencil | Lalymom

I hope you found some fun inspiration from this list of things to make with a pool noodle!  

Things to make with a pool noodle

Do you have any other ideas for things to make with pool noodles that you can share with me?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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