It’s a new year and that means it’s time for me to look back on the previous year and see what our most popular posts were.  I’m always curious to see what readers like you enjoy the most or are looking for and this year brought a few surprises to our top 10 and a few tried and true posts that have been hanging out in the top 10 for a few years.  So let’s get to it!

10 must read posts

The Joys of Boys Top 10 Posts of 2015

I love that there is a lot of variety in the top 10 this year.  We have crafts, activities, parenting articles and even travel posts (because you know we LOVE to travel around here!)

#10 Top 10 Things To Do in Diagon Alley

Things to Do in Diagon Alley

I can’t even begin to describe how incredible our vacation to Universal Orlando was and getting to experience Diagon Alley and the rest of the Wizardry World of Harry Potter with my boys was something I will never forget!  I’m so glad that this post is helping others to plan memorable vacations as well!

#9 How to Make a Kazoo

How to make a Kazoo from

I love that this post made it into the top 10!  This was probably my 3rd post I wrote when we started The Joys of Boys.  Look how small my 7 year old is!  I should probably include a warning to purchase earplugs before making the kazoo. 😉  But they are SO much fun!

#8 16 Things Moms of Boys Know

Things Moms of Boys know

This is probably my personal favorite post.  I just love being a mom of boys and I love the fun (and often ridiculous) things that they come up with to do.  My life would be so boring without my boys!

#7 40 Valentines for Boys

Valentines for boys


Valentine’s Day is a very feminine holiday full of love, affection, and all the things that my boys find GROSS!  So I looked high and low for Valentines that my boys would approve of and came up with a list from some of my favorite bloggers.  Given the fact that this post came in as #7 on the list, I’m thinking there are a few Boymoms out there who were searching as well!

#6 5 Summer Activities with Pool Noodles

Pool Noodle activities

This post brings back so many fun memories!  We enjoyed making these pool noodle activities together and my boys still use them as often as they can.  We have even pulled them out at birthday parties and they have been a hit with other kids as well.

#5 Camping Charades

Camping Charades

Who doesn’t love camping? (Well, I guess there are a few people out there. 😉 )  But if you are going camping, it is best to bring along some entertainment for night and in case of bad weather.  Camping Charades is our most popular printable game.  But be watching for me to share more fun games soon!

#4 40 Duct Tape Crafts

Duct Tape CraftsThere are so many different duct tape patterns available for purchase, and the crafts that you can make with them are endless.  I love finding creative ideas from other moms and these Duct Tape crafts were our 4th most popular post.  It makes me want to go and buy some more duct tape!

#3 Mother and Son Date Ideas

Mother and Son Date Ideas

It can be hard to find time to spend individually with each of our children but I think it is SO important.  I love that these Mother and Son Date Ideas are simple ideas and that most can be done on a whim.  Your boys will love spending one-on-one time with mom!

#2 Star Wars Snowflakes

Star Wars snowflake

Last year’s #1 post was bumped to #2!  But, I still love these Star Wars Snowflakes and so do the hundreds of thousands of visitors these bring in each year.  Christmas might be over but winter is here to stay for awhile so make some snowflakes to throw up on the wall.  I think I enjoyed making these more than the kids did.

And our #1 post for 2015 is….Drum Roll Please……

#1 25 Babyproofing Hazards You May Have Forgotten

baby proofing

This post jumped up from the #8 spot last year to take home the title of #1 post of 2015! If you have babies and small children around your home, please be sure to read this and see if you are forgetting about any hazards that could be dangerous to your child.  Some of these things are so obvious, but we just don’t think about them.

2015 was a great year for The Joys of Boys! Here are a few highlights of our year:

In May, I was honored to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disney World. And the best part was that I got to take my family with me!  We had the most magical time and it is a week that we will never forget.

I’ve also had the opportunity to working with  National Geographics Kids,  HP SmartMoms,  and Hasbro.  These are some of my favorite companies and I have loved sharing new and exciting things coming from each of them with you.

So what is planned for 2016??  I have many things in the works including a couple of books and courses that I think you will love.  I’d also like to launch a podcast (EEK!) and start involving video more in my posts.

Got Boys?  Must-Read Posts form The Joys of Boys

But I want to hear from YOU!  What would you like to see on The Joys of Boys in 2016?

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