Fun and Spooky Halloween food is my favorite!! Each year my boys and I create some Halloween food creations and these Vampire Cookies are so fun to make for the entire family.
Vampire Cookies

Vampire Cookies

Fall is in the air (at least it’s trying to show up here in the desert!) and our Halloween decorations are going up.  Last year we made some spooky Eyeball donuts and eyeball cake balls for Halloween but this year these Vampire cookies are on our list!

Vampire Cookies

How to make Vampire Cookies

This recipe will make 1 dozen vampire Oreos:

Vampire Cookies Supplies

1.   Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Set aside.
2.   In a double boiler, melt the solid shortening. Add the white chocolate melts and stir occasionally until melted. Once melted, you might find it easier to transfer the melted chocolate into a smaller bowl to make it easier to handle.
3.   Add 2 tablespoons of the melted chocolate to each mold.
4.   Place an Oreo cookie in each mold, on top of the melted chocolate.
How to make Vampire cookies
5.   Spoon additional chocolate on top of each cookie, until they are covered completely.
6.  Chill for one hour.
7.   Once chilled, pop the cookies out of their mold and place on the baking sheet.
Make Vampire Cookies
8.   With the black icing gel, pipe black hair at the top of each cookie.
Vampire cookies
9.   Dab a small amount of white icing on the back of 2 M&M’s of the same color and place on each cookie for the eyes. Dab a dot of black icing on each M&M for the pupil and add eyebrows.
10.  To each cookie, add a nose with the black icing gel.Vampire cookies
11.   Pipe a mouth onto each cookie with the red icing gel.
Vampire Cookies
12.   Using the white gel tube, pipe 2 fangs over each mouth.
Vampire Cookies
13.   ENJOY!!Vampire Cookies
So what do you think of these Vampire Cookies?  I think they are “SPOOK-tacular!!”
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