Road trip season is coming and my family is planning to travel a lot!  We have made several trips across the country and back with our kids.  Are we crazy??  I think we might be.  In preparation for each trip, I have search for free printable road trip games that will help to keep my kiddos entertained for the long haul across the country.

Free printable road trip games

Free Printable Road Trip Games

Traveling with 4 boys is hard!  Even a trip to the store can leave me at my wits ends.  So when my husband brought up the ideas of a cross-country road trip in an RV a few years back, I thought he may have lost it.  Could the 6 of us we really survive two weeks in an RV?  But, I was determined to be prepared with travel games and activities to keep my kids entertained. These free printable road trip games are so fun!  I even found myself playing along with my kids!

We spend a lot of time on the road and I know how stressful traveling with kids can be. I’ve put together these resources to help your next road trip be enjoyable and memorable:

Printable Road Trip Games

1. Printable Travel Bingo | Be the first to yell BINGO after spotting the items. Kids LOVE spotting the different objects as you drive.
2. Restaurant I Spy | Keep an eye out for different restaurants as you travel. I love this game because different states have different fast food restaurants. It’s fun for the kids to spot them.
3. Road Trip Pictionary | Pictionary is always a favorite with my kids and Road Trip Pictionary looks like so much fun!
4. Road Sign Bingo | See if you can spot all of these road signs and get the first Bingo!
5. Road Trip Drawing Prompts | Fun! These are great for even the youngest of passengers.
6. Mini Do a Dot Printable Travel Sheets |I love these! My kids love Do a Dot markers!
7. Count the Vehicles |
8. Road Trip Bingo | Road Trip Bingo is one of our very favorite games!
9. All About My Trip Printable | Such a fun way to keep track of the things you do on your road trip.
10. Travel Scavenger Hunt for Teens |  Even the bigger kids need some entertainment at times. This Travel Scavenger Hunt is fun for teens.
11. The License Plate Game | This was always one of my favorite games to play as a kid. This sheet makes it easy to keep track of which license plates you have found.
12. Road Trip Experiment | This is so fun! Keeps kids learning and thinking as you travel.
13. Car Badge Bingo | See how many different brands of cars you can find with this Car Badge Bingo game.
14. Road Trip Bingo | Another fun Road Trip Bingo.
15. Road Trip Journal Pages | I always have my kids write about our trips. These Road Trip journal pages are a perfect way for kids to remember what they did on your trip.
16. Travel Scavenger Hunt | Scavenger hunts are so much fun and this Travel Scavenger Hunt is great!
17. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt |Another fun road trip scavenger hunt!
18. Hotel Scavenger Hunt |How many Hotel brands can you spot?
19. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt | I love how different each of these scavenger hunts are. Something for everyone!
20. Traffic Jam Printable Game | This is a fun and unique travel game. See who can be the first to get through the traffic jam. Kids will LOVE this!
21. Printable Tic Tac Toe | Tic Tac Toe is a classic road trip game.
22. Summer Road Trip Puzzles | A Road Trip Maze, Word Search, Crossword puzzle and many more fun road trip games.
23. Free Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt for Kids | This road trip scavenger hunt is so cute for kids!
24. I Spy Car BINGO | More fun road trip Bingo Games!
25. State License Plate Printables | Another way to keep track of license plates on your road trip.

These printable road trip games are great for a cross-country trip or even just to keep in the car for anytime the kids get bored. 

Printable Road Trip Games

And with a road trip comes SO MUCH to plan! This Road Trips Made Easy Printable set takes the stress and chaos out of planning and carrying out a road trip.

You have everything you need to keep things organized in one place including packing lists, shopping lists, road trip games for your kids, road trip songs and jokes, snack ideas and even tags for prizes that can be used to award good behavior.

Make your next trip less stressful by grabbing it here–> Road Trips Made Easy

It is also fun to have kids keep a journal of all of the adventures you have on your road trip.  This Printable Road Trip Journal is adorable!

Printable Road Trip Journal for Kids

Grab one for your trip here–> Printable Travel Journal

And this backseat car organizer would be perfect to keep these road trip games, journal, crayons, markers and more organized!

 Backseat Car Organizer For Kids


If you are looking to add some variety to your travel entertainment, these travel games are so fun!!

 Spot It! on the Road Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game Loaded Questions On The Go card game Mad Libs on the Road Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game Melissa & Doug License Plate Game


And check out our favorite Road Trip Books!

Road Trip Books kids will love

Are you planning a road trip with summer?  Leave me a comment and let me know where you’re heading!

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Safe travels! Don’t forget to send me a postcard!