We love Halloween!!  With Halloween already upon us, we need to start planning our Halloween breakfast this year. I don’t have a lot of holiday traditions with my kids, but I do love to make them fun food for the holidays. These spooky-good Halloween Breakfast Ideas are getting me excited to try something new with my boys this year.

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Have you ever wanted to surprise your kids with a fun holiday breakfast, but didn’t know where to start? These Halloween breakfast ideas are simple, and the excitement you see on your child’s face when they get one of these placed in front of them on Halloween morning will be priceless.

Spooky-Good Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Frankenstein Pancakes

1. Frankenstein Pancakes  | This is our personal favorite Halloween breakfast at our house.  Who wouldn’t love gobbling up a Frankenstein pancake?
2. Breakfast Sandwich Monster | How adorable is this breakfast sandwich monster?! I want one for Halloween breakfast!
3. Easy Cinnamon Roll Bats |  I’m not normally a fan of bats, but these bats look delicious!
4. Spider Web Pancakes |  I’ve always wanted to try making spider web pancakes.  These look easy!
5. Pop Tart Ghost Pops | If your kids love Pop-tarts, they will love these Ghost pops!
6. Jack-o-lantern Pancakes |  We love easy breakfasts an these Jack-o-lantern pancakes can be made in a jiffy.
7. Pumpkin Bagel | Haha!  This pumpkin bagel made me laugh.  They can be made in just seconds.
8. Black Widow Spider Pancakes |  These black widow spider pancakes are perfect for Halloween or as part of a Harry Potter breakfast.
9. Jack-o-lantern Waffles |  These Jack-o-lantern waffles are so easy and your kids will love the sweet surprise they come with.
10. Halloween Toast | This is another simple Halloween breakfast ideas that can be made in a jiffy.  Sometimes we have little time to get out the door in the morning and these are perfect!
11. Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins | I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls.  Make one simple change to your cinnamon rolls and you have pumpkins!
12. Coffin Pop Tarts | These coffin pop tarts are so clever!
13. Skull Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Pancakes | Just the name of these makes me want to try this recipe for Halloween breakfast.
14. Goblin Smoothie |  YUM!  This Goblin Smoothie is the perfect compliment to your Halloween breakfast foods.
15. Spider Egg Donuts | I’m not a fan of Spider eggs, but these Spider Egg Donuts sure look delicious!
16. Halloween Spider Donuts | If you’re really in a pinch for time, use store-bought donuts and make these Halloween spider donuts ahead of time for your Halloween morning.
17. Slime Monster Halloween Donuts | These are SO fun! I can’t think of a kid who wouldn’t love them.
18. Build Your Own Jack-o-lantern Pancakes | My boys love building their own Jack-o-lantern pancakes.  You can get creative with all sorts of fruits and chocolate chips.
19. Cinnamon Roll Ghosts | These cinnamon roll ghosts are another fun idea you can make with canned cinnamon rolls (or homemade if you have time!).
20. Halloween Trick or Treat Pancakes | I feel like I’m being watched!  These pancakes are so fun for Halloween!
21. Zombie Eyeball Donuts for Breakfast | Still feel as though I’m being watched! These can be made in a flash and you can substitute fruit for the candy.
22. Baked Eyeball Eggs | This is a great savory Halloween breakfast!  Not everyone loves sweet things for breakfast. (I know,They must be crazy.) My husband would love this breakfast.
23. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies | These would make a great breakfast or after-school snack.  Pumpkin cookies are my favorite!
24. Mummy Sausage Dogs | I’ve seen mummy hot dogs, but these mummy sausage dogs are great for Halloween breakfast. Plus, they have several other cute Hallowee breakfast ideas.
25. Jack-o-lantern Fruit Bowls | Don’t forget to add something healthy for breakfast!  These Jack-o-lantern fruit bowls area fun touch to Halloween breakfast.

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Do you have a favorite Halloween Breakfast Idea you can share?  Let me know in the comments!


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