How to Make Camping with Kids Easy and Stress-Free Using Camping Printable Checklists and Activities

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Planning to go camping with kids can either bring excitement …or complete dread! Let’s face it, camping with kids is not always a walk in the park! And my four boys are always asking if we can go camping.

How to make camping with kids easy and stress-free with printable camping resources.

How to Make Camping with Kids Easy and Stress-Free

“Can we go camping?” Those words often come with excitement from the kids but may leave you feeling overwhelmed and hesitant because there is always SO MUCH TO DO to make a camping trip happen.

I’ve been in that position so many times over the years. I want to make those fun memories with my boys, but at the same time it is hard to organize and manage a camping trip with kids.

Let’s be honest. A lot of the time camping with kids is not a whole lot of fun for mom. 

There is so much to remember to pack, meals to be prepared for, ways to keep the kids entertained at night or during bad weather, and so many other things you have to organize. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Printable resources to make camping with kids stress-free

Over the years I have found that organization is the KEY to planning and actually enjoying camping with your kids. Having a checklist of what to pack and things you need to buy, plus not having to search Pinterest for activities, recipes, camping songs and games each time you go will make you just as excited as your kids to get out into the great outdoors.

This printable camping pack WILL make camping with kids a breeze!

Make camping with kids easy and fun with this Camping Made Easy printable pack.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Camping Packing Checklist
  • Camping Shopping Checklist
  • Campsite planning and information
  • Camping Tips, Tricks and Hacks to make camping easier
  • Simple Camping Activities including a Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • No-Prep Campfire Games with our favorite Camping Charades
  • Three days worth of camping recipes with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course dessert!

A total of 18 pages of resources designed to make camping easy and fun!

Take a peek inside:

Make camping with kids easy and fun with this Camping Made Easy printable pack.

How to use this printable camping set:

It’s easy!

  1. Print out the camping set (You can print on cardstock to make them more sturdy if you choose.)
  2. Keep the pages safe by placing them in sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder
  3. Look through the recipes, packing list, hacks and crafts and use the shopping page to keep track of everything you need to purchase before you leave
  4. Cut the Camping Charades page into strips and either place in an envelope or bowl so you are ready to play
  5. That’s it!  Then get packing and hit the road!


Get this Camping Made Easy Printable pack today and and have a WONDERFUL time enjoying your next camping trip with your kids!

For more camping activities and recipes visit: 

25 of the Best Books for Teen Boys

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If you have a teenage boy, you know that getting them to read might be a bit of a challenge. Or…in some cases like that of my tween, they might read books faster than you can keep up with. Everynight I have to basically take my son’s books away and make him go to sleep. What an awful problem to have! Kidding! 😉 He actually helped me to come up with this list of 25 Best Books for Teen Boys. He’s read nearly ALL of them! 25 of the Best Books for Teen Boys Check out this list and then let me know if you have a favorite that I should add to the list.  […]

25 Spring Break Ideas for Kids

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Spring break is coming!  Some people may be excited for the break and some may be wondering what we will do to entertain the kids all week.  If you don’t have any big plans, here are some  Spring Break ideas for Kids that are fun and inexpensive. We are pretty lucky here because our weather is pretty much perfect every year for Spring Break.  I think it is our gift for having to endure our desert Summers.  We love spending time outside as much as possible and we put together a list of Spring Break Ideas that we love to do.  […]

Printable Lunch Box Notes Kids Will Love

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Who says you can only show love to your kids or family at Valentine’s Day? Let your kids know how cool you think they are all year round with these printable lunch box notes kids will love!
Lunch Box Notes Kids will love.

Printable Lunch Box Notes Kids Will Love

Last night I walked in on a scene that I haven’t seen in awhile. All of my boys had dumped out their huge set of LEGOs and were building together and not fighting. I was wondering if I was at the right house! 

It is moments like these that bring reality to the front of my mind and make me realize just how old they are getting and that in just a few very short years, they will start leaving my house and will be off into the big scary world without me.

Have I done enough? Do they know how much I adore them, even on the days when nobody seems to get along and my temper is short? What else can I do to build a strong relationship with my sons? 

As my boys have gotten older, I have had to be a little more sneaky at how I show them that I love them. I’m not nearly as “cool” as I used to be and they can’t climb in my lap for a story or a lullaby at night.

But I’ve been trying really hard to find little ways to be more intentional with the things I say and do with my boys.

These lunch box notes kids will love are a perfect way to let your kids know you are thinking about them while they are at school. Simple things like leaving a note in their lunch box can mean a lot to them, (even if they would never admit it.)

Printable Lunch Box Notes Kids Will Love

How to Use Printable Lunch Box Cards

  1. Purchase Printable Lunch Box Cards from The Joys of Boys store. (Download will be delivered immediately)
  2. Download, print out and cut the sheet of lunch box cards
  3. Choose the card that fits your child’s personality
  4. Add the card to your child’s lunch box, put them under their pillow or stick one to the mirror in their room. (They are not JUST for lunches. )

Your child will know that you are thinking about them and it just takes a few seconds out of your day .

Lunch box notes kids will love

10 Ways to Bond With Your Son

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Building a strong relationship with our children is so important.  Here are 10 ways to bond with your son that will help you stay close as he gets older. 10 Ways to Bond With Your Son It has been over 14 years since I became a mom of boys. When I only had one or maybe two boys, spending time bonding with them individually wasn’t that difficult.  But now that we have added two more to the family, I really have to make a conscious effort to nurture my relationship with each of my boys in a way that is individualized to them because they are each so different.  Here are 10 ways to bond with your son as well as ways that moms in my Moms of Boys community are finding to bond with their sons.  […]

One Simple Way to Avoid Meltdowns at the Grocery Store

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This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. We’ve all been there. We think we’ve got this parenting thing all under control and for a brief moment we have a lapse of judgement and think it will be “fun” to take the littles to the store. Or at least we think it won’t be THAT bad. When my boys were little, trips to Walmart or the grocery store literally did me in. There was the time when I had all 4 of my boys with me and we traveled to the nearest Walmart which was 40 minutes from home. After feeling as though I was herding cats and putting all my effort into warding off tantrums and fights over who got to stand in front of the LEGO section first, we finally made it back out to our van with a cart loaded with groceries and kids. […]

Football Printable Chore Charts for Kids

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Football season is here and even though my boys don’t play football, they follow their favorite teams very closely. And with the big game coming up soon, I thought I would create a little bit of motivation for them to help me get the house clean, but in a fun way. These football printable chore charts for kids are the perfect way to motivate your kids to get a “Touchdown” and win a prize, while helping with their responsibilities around the house. And the prize might just be being able to watch the game now that the house is clean. 😉  Football Printable Chore Charts for Kids My boys need all the motivation they can get when it comes to cleaning. I can’t tell you how much grumbling happens when I ask them to pick up or do their chores. You would think that I was asking them to do something WAY worse than just washing a few dishes or, you know, putting their underwear in the hamper and not on the floor. It’s SOOO hard to do! […]

Cold and Flu Season Survival Tips for Kids

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This is a sponsored [...]

Things Moms of ALL Boys Want You To Know

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I’ve been an all-boy mom now for over 14 years and now that my youngest son is going on 6 years old, it is very clear to me and should be pretty clear to those who know me, that 4 kids was and is my limit! Done! Enough is enough. Baby factory is closed. But here’s the thing. Because all of my kids happen to be the same gender, (4 boys!) and that gender is different than MY gender, people just can’t wrap their head around the idea that I am completely content being a forever “boymom” and that I’m not planning on having more kids. I could write a book about some of the inconsiderate , rude,  silly things people have said to me regarding my family. Maybe I WILL get around to writing that book someday when my days are no longer spent sniffing out strange smells in bedrooms and cleaning urine off the bathroom ceiling. (kidding…kind of). But for now, here are some things that us moms of all boys want you to know. […]

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