M&Ms Basketball Cake

Yesterday we celebrated the 7th birthday of one of the coolest kids I know. When he grows up he wants to be a professional basketball player so naturally he would want a basketball cake for his birthday. […]

Indiana Jones Whip made with Duct Tape

Last week we had the fun opportunity to visit some family over Spring Break.  We were invited by my sister-in-law to my nephew’s Indiana Jones birthday party!  She has 3 boys close in ages to my 4 boys and my kids love visiting her house because her backyard is a little boys heaven!  It made the perfect place for an Indiana Jones birthday party adventure.  I’ll be blogging about the party soon, but today I wanted to share the Indiana Jones whip we made for the boys with duct tape. When you think of Indiana Jones you have to picture him with his hat and his whip, right?  These were actually really easy to make with duct tape, because you can make pretty much anything with duct tape, right? […]

Farm Birthday Party Presents

Farm Party Animal Bi [...]

Farm Party Birthday Banner

Farm Party : How to Make a Birthday Banner for Baby’s First Birthday For my son’s  1st birthday farm party I made these fun cowboy banners to decorate with.   This was very easy to make and I loved looking back at all of his different pictures through the year. […]

Barnyard Birthday Cake: Baby’s First Birthday

Farm Cake Yesterday I shared my baby’s first birthday party and said I would show the tutorial for his first birthday farm cake today.  I had searched the web for different ideas of doing a barn with farm animals but couldn’t find any that were exactly what I wanted or that I could actually make. 🙂  I’ve mentioned many times before that cake and I just don’t get along so any cake I make has to be simple but still cute.  One day I’ll have to post pictures of all of my destroyed birthday cakes and birthday cake saves.  I’ve had my fair share. For this cake bake any flavor of sheet cake.  I used one box of white cake mix for the sheet cake so it wasn’t too think and baked it in a large cookie sheet.  Then I mixed one box of chocolate cake mix and made 12 cupcakes and one 8 x 8 cake.  Bake according to the directions on the box and let cool completely before decorating. Then I added the mud for the pigs with chocolate frosting, the grass with vanilla frosting mixed with green food coloring and the sky with vanilla frosting mixed with blue food coloring and a few sprinkles.  I added the sunshine out of Reese’s pieces but I went back later and switched out some of the orange ones for yellow to make it more sun-shiny (is that a word?). […]

Farm Themed Birthday Party

Where did the year go?  We spent the weekend here planning for my baby’s first birthday party.  I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or extremely sad since I know this is the last 1st birthday party I will plan and my baby is growing up before my eyes. We chose a Farm Themed Birthday Party and I am so happy with how it turned out! Farm Themed Birthday Party I decided awhile ago on a farm party theme.  I had found so many cute things that I could use to make the day fun and even though I know he won’t remember any of it, my big boys will remember celebrating with him.  And of course, we have the cute pictures. […]

Angry Birds Party: Everything You Need

As I’ve mentioned before the biggest request I get and by far my most popular posts are my posts on Angry Birds party ideas.  Since I have several posts on Angry Birds I thought it would be good to combine them all into one so people can more easily find what they are looking for. When my son turned 6 he wanted an Angry Birds party so I started searching for ideas to help that happen for him and plus with 4 little boys I’ve come up with other Angry Birds ideas over this past year just to feed our obsession. 😉  I’ve put all of my Angry Birds ideas together here in one post to make searching for them easier.  For more details on any of the ideas just click the link provided and it will take you to a site with description and instructions. […]

Easy Halloween Haunted House Cake

As I mentioned last week, my son loves to have Halloween-inspired birthday cakes.  This year we made this spider cake, but since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I’d share another easy Halloween cake. Easy Haunted House Cake […]

Easy Spider Cake and Cupcakes

I didn’t get a Monday motivation up yesterday because we were busy celebrating a birthday!!  I seriously can NOT believe how fast my kids are growing up.  They need to stop it!  Since we are now in October, this big guy loves to have Halloween cakes for his birthday.  Later this week I’ll post a couple different Halloween cakes we have done as well, but this year was all about the creepy crawly spiders!  Maybe because he just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Who knows?  But this is what he wanted: […]

DIY Angry Birds Paddle Balloon Game

The biggest request I get through emails and messages is for MORE Angry Birds ideas for parties. Who knew some naughty pigs and soaring colored birds could be come SO popular! Since I am normally looking for ways to entertain a 4 year-old while his brothers are at school, I made him this Angry Birds paddle ball/balloon game.  […]

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