Halloween is in the air and what “looks” more like Halloween than Eyeball foods?  These spooktacular Halloween recipes will make your Halloween party one to remember.  Do you feel like you are being watched?

Eyeball foods

25 Spooktacular Eyeball Foods

Our costumes are picked out and the house is nearly decorated.  My boys are making big plans for our Halloween night party and I think some spooky-fun eyeball foods will definitely be on the menu.  Our favorite way to make holiday memories is by creating fun food together in the kitchen. My boys love it and we have a great time together.  They are getting pretty good at creating food art projects.

I’ve searched high and low for some of the creepiest, gooeyist, eyeball foods to add to your plate on Halloween night.

Halloween Eyeball Foods

1. Eyeball Donuts | The Joys of Boys
2. Eyeball Cake Balls | The Joys of Boys
3. Eyeball Cake | The Joys of Boys
4. Zombie Eyeballs | The Joys of Boys
5. Eyeball Pancakes | The Joys of Boys

Eyeball Pancakes

6. Bloody Eyeball Dessert | Nerdy Mamma
7. Eyeball Pinwheels | Home Cooking Memories
8. Bloody Eye Cupcakes | The Country Chic Cottage
9. Oreo Eyeball Cookies | Simplee Thrifty
10. Eyeball Popcorn Balls | Smart Savvy Living

Eyeball foods
11. Creepy Cookie Eyes | Around My Family Table
12. Avocado Monster Egg Eyes | Living Sweet Moments
13. Easy Eyeball Cookies | This Mama Loves
14. Creepy Eyeball Cheese Balls | Bubbly Nature Creations
15. Eyeball Punch | Happiness is HomemadeEyeball foods
16. Halloween Creepy Peepers Snacks | Oh My! Creative
17. Eyeball Halloween Pudding Cups | Club Chica Circle
18. Monster Crispy Cakes | A Mummy Too
19. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Eyeballs | Farm to Table
20. Edible Eyeballs | Craftulate

Eyeball foods
21. Eyeball Meatballs | Inspiralized
22. Doughnut Hole Monster Eyeballs | Sugar Hero
23. Mozzarella Eyeballs | Soni’s Food
24. Eyeball Butter Cookies | Gouda Monster
25. Spooky Eyeball Candies | Cake Whiz

Which of these Spooktacular Eyeball Foods was your favorite?

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