30 Day LEGO Challenge – LEGO Activity

If your children love to build with LEGO, they will love this 30 Day LEGO Challenge sheet! Just print it out and your kids will love the challenge that each day brings. 30 Day LEGO Challenge Today marks our first day of homeschooling my boys thanks to school being cancelled for the forseeable future. I never would have thought that we’d all be sitting around, not only worrying about if I have enough food and supplies to last us a few weeks, but also worrying about how to keep my 4 boys entertained while the world is practicing social distancing. […]

25 Genius LEGO Storage Ideas

If you have kids, there is a good chance you have LEGO. And if you have LEGO, then there is a good chance that you have become frustrated with how to organize all of the pieces and store them when not in use!  And we’ve all experienced how painful it is to STEP on a LEGO that was left out! But no worries!  These 25 LEGO Storage Ideas are just what you need to take the frustration out of storing LEGO pieces. LEGO Storage Ideas I love all of these LEGO storage ideas listed below. There are so many clever ways to store LEGO pieces and Minifigures. […]

How to Make a Simple LEGO Travel Box

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One year for Christmas, Santa brought my older boys a foldable/storable LEGO table and it has had constant use since then.  But, the saying, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” tends to apply with my three oldest boys and my younger boys were feeling a bit left out.  So, Santa did not disappoint and brought them their very own LEGO tables. If you are looking for a DIY LEGO Table, this is easy to make! DIY LEGO Table […]

LEGO® Americana Roadshow at Fashion Show

There are always exciting things going on in Las Vegas, and this week the LEGO® Americana Roadshow rolled into town at Fashion Show. My boys couldn’t have been more excited! LEGO® Americana Roadshow The LEGO® Americana Roadshow is a traveling display of some of our nations most famous landmarks, made entirely out of LEGO®!  It takes three 53 ft trucks, and lots of manpower to make this event happen and it is definitely worth a visit. If you or your children love LEGO® and you are in Las Vegas this week, this is a must-see event.  We were amazed at the detail that went in to making each exhibit look as realistic as possible. […]

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a unique gift for a kid in your life? What about the kid that loves LEGO? Check out these unique LEGO gift ideas for kids. Your kids will go APE over these gifts, I love them all. We actually have a few of these in our home already and all I can say is we are LEGO crazy (in a good way). Unique LEGO Gift Ideas For Kids […]

How to Make a LEGO Bank

My boys love, love, love to save their money.  It kind of makes me laugh to see them counting their dollars and coins and keeping them stashed away in a safe place.  This LEGO bank is the perfect place for kids to store their cash or other treasures that are important to them. LEGO Bank I love how these LEGO banks turned out!  You could totally customize their faces to look however your kids want them to look. […]

How to Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

We’ve all heard stories about kids who refuse to shower or bathe, or if they do shower, they don’t use soap!  The struggle is real!  If there is one thing I know about boys, it is that they sometimes need a little “encouragement” when it comes to getting clean and smelling good.  Make LEGO minifigure soap, to encourage your little army to stay clean and fresh! Make LEGO Minifigure Soap How to make LEGO Men Soap  It’s really not difficult to make LEGO Minifigure soap!  I thought it would be much more difficult.    […]

LEGO Valentines – For the LEGO Fan in Your Life

When I think of some of the things that my boys love, LEGO is towards the top of the list.  These LEGO Valentines are perfect for the LEGO fan in your life. LEGO Valentines I am always looking for some “boy-approved” Valentine ideas and I love creating some that I know my boys will love.   Since my boys love LEGO so much, I knew they would love to have some LEGO Valentines to hand out to their friends.   […]

Superhero Word Bubbles for LEGO Superheroes

Do you want to know how to make my boys very happy? Combine their two favorite things: LEGO® and superheroes and make them available for different age groups.  I was thrilled to see that LEGO has done just that with their LEGO® Superheroes building sets. Super Hero Word Bubbles for  LEGO® Super Heroes All of  my boys have gone through a super hero stage, where every-day situations were turned into a mission to save the world.  With LEGO Super Heroes, they can act out the scenes from their favorite super hero movies and take their characters on endless adventures.  In fact, my favorite thing about LEGO is the fact that my boys’ imaginations can run wild as they create and make-believe. […]

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