There’s nothing more fun than trying to cook everything on a stick or over a fire. Ditch the bun and have some fun making this hot dog on a stick on your next camping trip!

Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick: Camping Recipe Kids Will Love

My boys love cooking over a fire.  Whether we are out camping or just enjoying a fire in the backyard fire pit, they are always wanting to cook something on a stick.  They love to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, but we decided to mix things up a bit and instead of roasting hot dogs the traditional way, we used crescent rolls to make a hot dog on a stick.

Supplies Needed to Make Campfire Hot Dog on a Stick

Hot Dog on a Stick

How to Make Hot Dog on a Stick

  1. Begin by putting your hot dog on a skewer stick the long ways.
    Hot Dog on a Stick
  2. Next, take two crescents (uncooked) and mold them into a ball of dough.
  3. Flatten with your hands until the dough makes a square.
  4. Place hot dog on the edge of the square and roll it up until you reach the end of the dough.Hot dog on a stick
  5. Another way you can do this is take one crescent and roll it out into a long string and then wind it around the hot dog.
    Hot Dog on a Stick
  6. You can either wrap in tin foil and place in the fire for 3-5 minutes, hold it over the fire in a traditional manner, or use a grilling surface over the fire (which is what we did).
    Hot Dog on a Stick
  7. Cover in your favorite condiment and enjoy!

We love this twist to a camping favorite! Your kids will love making hot dog on a stick at your next camp-out!

Hot Dog on a Stick collage

What is your favorite camping recipe?


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