A Letter to my Sons on the First Day School – Back to School Quotes

I can’t believe we are back in school!   I am so proud of my boys  and I love their individual personalities.  So today I thought I would write a letter to my boys on the first day of school and share some of my favorite back to school quotes.  Back to School Quotes To my 5th grader, Today was the first day of your last year in elementary school.  You’re the oldest at school now.  The kings of the castle.  As I took your younger brothers to find their teachers and line up with their classes, I watched as you headed off on your own with your friends.  I planned on making sure you made it to the correct line and getting your picture (against your will), but by the time I had your brothers settled, your teacher had already headed inside. […]

Monday Motivation: Find a Way or Find an Excuse

I have been part of an accountability group on Facebook this past month as I try to lost these last few pesky baby pounds and this week we were asked to share one of our favorite motivational quotes with the group.  This one automatically jumped out at me and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t used it as a Monday Motivation before.  “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.”  True words, right? Find a way or find an excuse. […]

Monday Motivation: Enjoy the Sunlight

  Ah…It’s been awhile since I posted a Monday Motivation and I want to start making it a part of my week again.  Not just for my readers necessarily but for me.  I have a box of quotes that I have accumulated since I was a teenager and my baby got into it the other day and spread 3×5 cards all over my room.  As I was cleaning up, I took the time to read them and one in particular jumped out at me.  “Stop seeking out storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” -Gordon B. Hinckley The past 5 months have been filled with many ups and downs in my life.  This was a really hard summer.  As hot as it was here in the desert, it was really hard for me to see the sunlight. There have been times when I wondered if I would ever see it come out again.  There have been dark days filled with discouragement, anxiety, stress (lots of stress), and uncertainty. […]

Monday Motivation:7 Rules to Help You Stay Positive

You know how life sometimes has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them?  I know you know what I mean because it has happened to all of us at one point or another, right?   We’re standing up to the plate, expecting a straight fast ball and then, boom, the curve ball comes in and throws us completely off our game. […]

Monday Motivation: 10 Lessons Learned from Life on the Farm

Today’s Monday Motivation is a tribute to the two men in my life who helped to shape me into the person I am today: My dad and my Grandpa.  I think it is fitting to share this with Father’s Day yesterday and I hope my dad knows how much I love and appreciate all of the many life lessons he taught me over the years.  He is the absolute hardest worker I know and has always been a source of strength to me and my family Do it well or not at all: 10 lessons I learned from life on the farm I consider myself fortunate.  Growing up on a farm in the Utah countryside was one of my greatest blessings.  Life’s lessons were not just talked about, they were taught to us by example every day.   And every day of my youth, I watched my father and grandfather dedicate their days and nights to planting, watering, and growing crops and taking care of animals.  But beyond a love for animals and an appreciation for where our food comes from, I learned many life lessons through their examples. […]

Monday Motivation: America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful This weekend we took a little road trip to visit family and celebrate the Memorial Day weekend together.  I took this little trip as an opportunity to really un-plug a bit and spend some quality time with the people who mean the most to me. I love this song above.  I am so thankful to live in this beautiful country and even more than that, I am so thankful for those who made it possible for us to be free. About 13 years ago I had the opportunity to visit Normandy, France and as I stood on the cliffs above the ocean where our troops stormed the beaches I had a strong realization that we shouldn’t have won that battle.  The cliffs were straight down and the German soldiers were at the top shooting down at our troops as they tried to advance.  After seeing that view you have to realize that God was in charge that day.  He was there with the troops who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and he was there to strengthen those who made it to the top without their fellow soldiers.  He was there to guide those planning each strategic move and He was there with those who were praying to be released from the bondage and horrors they were facing at the hands of evil men. […]

Random Acts of Kindness

We’ve all heard the term, “Random Acts of Violence”.  It’s on the news nearly nightly.  A few years ago I came across an article in the newspaper about how different our world would be if we started reporting “Random Acts of Kindness” instead and even more importantly, if we focused on doing random acts of kindness to other people.   Today I was the recipient of an act of kindness and it brought that old newspaper article back into my mind.  And even though it was a simple gesture, it made my day. I got up early today so I could run and do some major, MAJOR grocery shopping while my husband was still home with the kids.  Since we’ve been on Spring Break for the past week and have been traveling and out of town, our house shelves were bare.   I cleaned out everything in the fridge before we left so I wouldn’t have old food to deal with when we got back. So, I’ll admit that I was one of “those” people who spends hours or more in the store loading up the cart to nearly overflowing so that I won’t have to go shopping again for awhile.  I was one of “those” people who really should have made a couple of trips to the car but was determined to fit everything in to one cart.   But I’m also one of “those” people who other people don’t like to stand behind in line at a store. How random acts of kindness made my day […]

Finding the Mother in Me

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.  I was terrified, confused, terrified, anxious, terrified, overwhelmed, terrified, exhausted, and did I mention TERRIFIED?  I remember sitting and crying and wondering “what now?”   But wasn’t this supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life?   Why weren’t my tears actually tears of joy?   I had just brought a beautiful, perfect baby boy home from the hospital, something I had always wanted to do, so why wasn’t I excited?  I didn’t feel like a mother and I was worried that I would have a hard time finding the mother in me. […]

How You Can “Happify” Your Life

A few weeks ago I posted a Monday Motivation titled How to be Happy which was basically saying that we need to stop trying to be perfect and enjoy the life that we have, not the one we think we want and we need to stop waiting for some future date or accomplishment to allow ourselves to be happy. Since that post I’ve had an eye-opening experience in regards to finding daily happiness.  I was invited to be a pioneer for a website called Happify.  Basically Happify is a new website based on the science behind what makes people happy. It provides daily activities that allow you to stop and focus on the things in your life that bring you happiness and it helps you to savor the daily experiences that you have and then share those with other people who are also sharing their happy moments as well.  It is so nice to not see all of the negativity that you find on other social networks.  Happify is currently invite-only but read to the bottom and I have a little gift for a few people. How to be Happy […]

Monday Motivation: Are you a Bouncer or a Splatter?

It’s that time of year again.  Everyone you know will start making “resolutions” to do things differently or to make changes in their lives or to be better than we were last year.  I know our hearts are always in the right place but let me just be honest for a minute. Most of us will fall off the wagon, so to speak, within the next few weeks or months.  It’s going to happen.  Accept it and be prepared for it.  Now, before you think this is a post about how we’re all going to fail on our New Year’s resolutions, let me just ask this questions.  When you fall off the wagon, (and it will happen) or when things don’t go as planned, will you be able to persevere? Will you become a bouncer or a splatter? Well, what’s the difference? A Splatter hits rock bottom, falls apart and sticks like glue. A Bouncer hits rock bottom and bounces back. […]

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